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Queen March Of The Black Queen Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2014 05:47:48 AM

Do you mean it do you mean it do you mean it
Why don't you mean it why do I follow you
And where do you go?
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
You've never seen nothing like it
No never in your life
Like going up to heaven
And then coming back alive
Let me tell you all about it
and the world will so allow it
Oooh give me a little time to choose
Water babies singing in a lily pool delight
Blue powder monkeys praying in the dead of night
Here comes the Black Queen poking in the pile
Fie Fo the Black Queen marching single file
Take this take that bring them down to size
March to the Black Queen

Put them in the cellar with the naughty boys
Little nigger sugar then a rub-a-dub-a-baby oil
Black on black on every finger nail and toe
We've only begun - begun
Make this make that keep making all that noise
Ooh march to the Black Queen
Now I've got a belly full
You can be my sugar baby
You can be my honey chile, yes

A voice from behind me reminds me
Spread out your wings you are an angel
Remember to deliver with the speed of light
A little bit of love and joy
Everything you do bears a will
And a why and a wherefore
A little bit of love and joy
In each and every soul lies a man
And very soon he'll deceive and discover
But even till the end of his life
He'll bring a little love

Ah ah ah ah ah
I reign with my left hand I rule with my right
I'm lord of all darkness I'm queen of the night
I've got the power
Now do the march of the Black Queen
My life is in your hands I'll fo and I'll fie
I'll be what you make me I'll do what you like
I'll be a bad boy I'll be your bad boy
I'll do the march of the Black Queen
Ah ah ah ah ah

Walking true to style she's vulgar a-buse and vile
Fie Fo the Black Queen tattoos all her pies
She boils and she bakes
And she never dots her I's
La la la la la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la

Forget your singalongs and your lullabies
Surrender to the city of the fireflies
Dance with the devil in beat with the band
To hell with all you hand-in-hand
But now it's time to be gone - forever

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Ode to Queen's 1st record company | Reviewer: Deb | 4/5/14

March of the Black Queen is an ode to Queen's first record company (the Black Queen) that made studio recording difficult (at odd hours in the middle of the night), slow release of their albums (put them in the cellar with the naughty boys), untrustworthiness (never dots her i's) with unreasonable demands and control (power) over the band and their material. Queen persevered, left for a new record company to make the music they intended and deliver "a little bit of love and joy".

"March of the Black Queen" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/14

Even though I didn't grow up with Queen as a big band like a lot of the Queen fans did (I was born in 1998... yeah, a little late non?)Queen is definatly my favorite band. I first learned about the band by listening to their "Greatest Hits" records, but now I mostly listen to their older music, and Queen 2 is one of my favorite.
"The March of the Black Queen" was the song that really got me hooked into this album and I have grown to love all the other songs almost as much. First, I think that "Listen Everybody" did have a point in some of what they said. It isn't satanic, but there was contention of religion at that point in Freddie's life, which is reflected throughout this song, and other early songs like "The Great King Rat," but it is not a reason not to listen to them. I think that it was a period of frustration; the band began in 1969-1970 and finally released its first album in '73, which despite all of the effort, didn't break the top ten. So this was a now or never, since if it was a failure the band wouldn't have stayed together.
But regardless of the sometimes antireligious (not satanistic) lyrics, it is an amazingly complex bit. It uses polyrythm, there is a crazy mix of hard and soft vocals, matched by alternating hard and soft instrumentals. Even with the contention throughout this period, they put a hell of a lot of work into making a great album, and this is a great song. The boys done good.

Gorgeous! | Reviewer: Laura | 6/28/12

I love this song. I love this album. This song reminds me Alice in the Wonderland. The flow of the song follows the story, pay attention. I don't think this song is related to satanism at all because of the time when it was writen. At that time, it was in fashion (more than today) to be controversial towards the christianism, and then, many bands like Black Sabath made evil lyrics. Queen could have done it openly without the need to hide it in some lines of lyrics.
But, if you want to listen at only pure or Christian songs you have to listen at Gospel because in all the other songs you will find elements going against religion thoughts. I'm Christian, I mean realy Christian, and I like Queen a lot, I don't see why not listen at it.

March Of The Black Queen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/11

Freddie hardly ever told us what his songs were about - he left them for us to guess and so that we could all have our own opinions. This is a great song, so progressive sound-wise. I think the song is better than Bo Rhap and the like, such a shame that hardly any people know about it.

Love of my life | Reviewer: Scarlette | 8/12/11

March of the Black Queen is certainly one of the best song ever made! The song is so inspirational to me that I can even express how much it means to me. I feel as though Freddie and I are soulmates or something.

I have loved Queen for all my life. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/11

Ever since I was a kid and my brother had the first five albums on tape. No lyrics, no explanation. In Norway in the late 70s there was no info to be had. All I had was the sheer sound of it all, and I loved it. Nobody told me what the "better" songs were etc. I love this album, and I love this song. Only later in life have I been able to grasp a lot of the lyrics.

My concern is about the last part, "Forget your ... " etc. I always thought that was the intro to "Funny how love is" which follows without a break, also there is a clear break just before this bit.

It seems absurd that it should have anything to do with "Black queen..."

I wonder is this is really how the band intended it to be, and that someone at some time made an error in dividing the two songs in the wrong place.


Song if part of a dual concept fr the album | Reviewer: | 3/22/11

Has anyone ever considered that the album Queen 2 is a black and white "concept album" and that "Black Queen" just reflects this and Freddie wrote cool lyrics to go along with the concept of Black (one side of the album) and Queen (the band name)? The title came by itself and the lyrics were written to show the concept of a Black Queen...

WTF: Listen everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/11

Yes, I'm a Queen fan (or rather an ex Queen fan but I still listen to the first 3 and last 3 albums a few times a year). What a load of tosh "Listen everyone" has written below. It's just a (utterly brilliant) track with no ulterior motives, that I'm sure of. People read into things too much most of the time and that's the trouble with this screwed up world. I miss Freddie as much now as I did when he died. A totally one off unique performer and showman.

Vega | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/11

Seriously? the company forces people to write satanic songs? where is the logic behind that?

There are more people (millions to one probably) devoted to God than the devil, therefore satanic references would make a song sell less..
Even if the song would be talking about dark forces which very likely is, it's about an evil queen in fact. Satanism implies that Satan (the type of satanism you understand as such) is good or should be worshiped, there is nothing in this song that implies that the dark forces atributed to the Black Queen are positive or recomended.
Queen has some actual religious or semi-religious songs, such as "Jesus" and "The Prophet's Song" so well..
Saying it's dangerous to get involved with this music is a paranoid thought at best.

Queen are no satanists ! | Reviewer: Giz | 2/1/11

I am a devout catholic,and a life long Queen fan. And I don't believe for one minute that this is a satanic song. Queen are not into that crap !
And this is a top song from a top album, which I bought the week it was released. (on tape, though It seems a life time ago, I now have it on tape vinyl cd and dvd ) From one of the world's top bands!

Listen everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/11

yesterday i found out what this song really means and that thing is witchcraft and satanism, i'm not that guy who goes to church every Sunday but it's really clear,even though I really like Queen it's dangerous to get involved with this music, lines like: "I'm lord of all darkness", "A Voice from behind me reminds me you're still an angel" refers to Lucifer when he was God's angel, besides "voice from behind me" is really something supernatural... like occultism. Another line is "Everything you do bears a will and a why and a wherefore" this seems to be taken from Aleister Crowley Thelema saying :do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.And the most clear lines are the last ones
"Forget your singalongs and your lullabies(probably rock songs)
Surrender to the city of the fireflies
(he's talking about hell, he's actually telling you to surrender your soul to the devil and be burnt for eternity, now that's something really bad)
Dance with the devil in beat with the band
To hell with all you hand-in-hand
But now is the time to be gone - forever"
I know Queen fans will get pissed off reading this but this is my point of view and I don't think Freddie meant the lyrics, obviously he wrote them but he was told to include satanic messages... by who I don't know maybe the group was forced to do so by the record company in order to record the album. Maybe a contract that says they must include satanic references in at least one song, (this is the only song in the Queen II containing them)

underated song eva | Reviewer: wahyu | 1/26/11

i love this song, truly masterpiece same i like the millionaire waltz and phropet song, why people know queen only bohemian rhapsody ? any queen song better than bo rhap i think like this song 100x better

Amazing song | Reviewer: Lily | 7/7/10

I really love this song. I think Freddie is one of the greatest artist ever. i'd like to understand the meaning of the song - who is the black queen? Blue powder monkies playing in the dead of night? ha?
If someone understood this song... please write it here (:

Sequel to 'White Queen' | Reviewer: Arran | 6/26/10

This song reminds me of Dante's Inferno.
If you listen to 'White Queen (As It Began)' - it's as if the narrator's lost love has come back to haunt him... and he follows her (i.e. suicide), as the beginning of this song implies ('why do I follow you, and where do you go?').

Then he goes to hell, and finds the Black Queen rather than his White Queen. The Black Queen keeps him jealously as her lover, but the White Queen (the 'voice from behind me') saves him ('now it's time to be gone forever').

no one understands what this song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

many people are not sure what freddy means by this song but it isn't just his writting that sounds evel the song its self is evel i can' talk about it i'm to freaked but look up lilith she is the black king