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One Sunday morning in the early '70s, a youngster in
Cleveland caught an earful of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks
and his life was never to be the same. That kid was Marc
Cohn and soon after that morning, he bought everything
Morrison had released to date, along with works by Joni
Mitchell and Jackson Browne. Not long after an older
brother taught him a Ray Charles tune on the piano, he
joined a cover band, Doanbrook Hotel. He sang with them
from junior high school until he left home for Oberlin
College. All the while, Cohn learned to More...

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Reviews about Marc Cohn songs

insperational actually | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song Walking in Memphis performed by Marc Cohn

wow i think this is a really good song. i got it on my ipod and for some reason when i listen to it before basketball games, it really gets me pumped up. but no offense, lonestar does it better, if u havent checked out their version then i completely recomend it! its the one i have on my ipod

Just a great romantic song | Reviewer: Zireael
    ------ About the song Man of the World performed by Marc Cohn

A very beautiful song about a desperate man who had lost? never had? a lover. Big voice, great musical moments... Quite melanchonic but not so pathetic. Maybe just too short.

    ------ About the song The Things We've Handed Down performed by Marc Cohn

We are sometimes mesmerized by what we see and dream about in our child.Enchanted by precious ways of a child, beholden in wonder..did I really bring this child into beeing..or has this child brought me and all our ancesters into being.A never tire of hearing that does not give into live in this moment...but allows you to drean and visualize the things we've handed down...These things have beauty...

Great song!!!! | Reviewer: nereida ognik
    ------ About the song Walking in Memphis performed by Marc Cohn

This song may me sing for hours, the lyric is fantastic!
Congratulations to the singer and the son writer.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Walk Through the World performed by Marc Cohn

I heard it on Joan of Arcadia, and it felt really good, pulled at my heart. Maybe he is singing about a girl (or a guy) or possibly God.

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