Marc Bolan and T. Rex Lyrics

Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld) was born in Hackney Hospital,
East London on 30th September 1947. He was then taken to
his first home, 25 Stoke Newington Common. He was the
beloved son to Simeon and Phyllis Feld and younger brother
to Harry Feld. Marc attended Northwold Road Primary School,
Stoke Newington and later The William Wordsworth Secondary
Modern School, Wordsworth Road, London.

Marc left school at the age of 14, claiming to have been
expelled, as he didn't think they were teaching him the
things he wanted to know. He had a huge More...

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Review about Marc Bolan and T. Rex songs
Space all ricochet/Georgia & lyrics | Reviewer: Eddy Reddin
    ------ About the song Spaceball Ricochet performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

Well done Georgia keep a little marc in your heart. I'm 52 and I first heard marc when I was ten in 1971. Loved he,s music ever since. Got all he's stuff and won't part with it
Also could someone check the lyrics in the 4th from last verse here.if I'm correct its. With my les Paul. I know I'm small but I enjoy living any. Yes I do ( not ,yes too)...r.i.p mr bolan.

old rocker loves to boogie along with marc | Reviewer: tom mcgrorty
    ------ About the song I Love to Boogie performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

yea just as i had hoped sounded so now, i was always a big fan of marks after i saw him, must have been 68 not sure at a place called the third eye centre. i was just passing and saw the sign free lettuce and cabbage soup and i was fed up carrying my bag with all my gear in it. you know the one, glad to in , then i heard what was tyranosoros rex and i thought it was wrecked cause the sounded way-out to me. and then they started playin something that worked and flash , it was an early effort. but it was the start of t rex, so i will learn i love to boogie, and play it saturday night
in the bar where i play. it will slay them .. thanks marc tosh

Injection of hope | Reviewer: stuckbackthen
    ------ About the song Cosmic Dancer performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

listening to this track is like tripping on wizards potion. genius mix of strings and poetry, touches something deeper than deep within ones soul.The most under-rated of composers for all those that dream. There are pixies and damp shaded mossy woodlands within us all and i thank the boy for this contribution.

Gone too soon... | Reviewer: Resa
    ------ About the song 20th Century Boy performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

From the first cords of the amazing guitar work on this song, to the vocals of Marc Bolan, 20th Century Boy is by far a great piece of work. It makes you want to move your body, and think about the lyrics after the 10th time you've played it. This song makes you want to be in the carefree days of your youth. To get up and dance around the room. To remember... Marc was such a poetic rock god. From his acoustic ballads to his glam rock stage presence he injected his personal style into many a mind. I can say I was one who was fortunate enough to see him on a U.S.tour in 1972. He was taken from us much too soon...In Peace Friends, Resa

Get it On | Reviewer: Kimberly
    ------ About the song Get It On performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

This Song I grew up with Marc Bolan was a genius this song is one that will always stay up with the times I love hearing it often and remembering what times we grew up threw with Music so great such as Get it On
Bravo and Marc was and is missed to this day

discovered Treasure | Reviewer: Tony Hiscox
    ------ About the song Lock Into Your Love performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

"Lock into your Love" is one of those Bolan Tracks that never made it onto any release During Marcs Life, like so much the discovery is a Gem - the only version can be found on T.rex Unchained Vol. 5 Unreleased Recordings dated 1974 - drums and symbols start the track quickly followed by a deep Base Line the groove is set but the song unfolds as Marc delivers a song of passionate love Poetry and Vocal surprises are around every corner as the rock Groover, slices through your soul with music that truly delivers why stuff like this never made it onto an album is probably best explained by the fact that it was one of many tracks that may have benefited ultimately from more production but this nevertheless is a masterpiece that no Bolan fan would be without - it gets better with each new listen as you notice something else you missed the previous times through

An awesome song off an awesome album-Electric Warrior(1971) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rip-Off performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

Simple as that-excellent bongos- the late Mickey Finn, guitar and vocals from the late Marc Bolan with saxophone.I have listened to this album and band for the last 28 years so I assure you- its damn fine!!!

Jason Wind | Reviewer: Bobby Zalryte
    ------ About the song Broken-hearted Blues performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

It is ACTUALLY "Jason Wind, as a boy...". It makes more sense as the line is clearly referring to a person. Also typical of Bolan to use whimsical, mythical names in his songwriting i.e - Telegram Sam, Electric Slim, Buick Mackane, etc.

the in USA called "Light of love" Album | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Soul of My Suit performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

Girl In the Thunderbolt Suit arbeitet wie bei den typischen Bolan Songs der späten Ära - das Album ist von 1974 - sehr viel mit background Stimmen. Es ist die direkte Fortsetzung der "A cramed cage in August" LP. Hier werden jedoch auch zusätzlich Rock & Roll Elemente verwendet, ist damit ein flotterer Song als die ausgekoppelten Hita "Thinc Zinc" und "Light of Love"

raw ramp | Reviewer: sarah
    ------ About the song Raw Ramp performed by Marc Bolan and T. Rex

this is my favorite song by my favorite person of all time.
you can usually see how marc gets off throwing out as many pretty fantastical words as he can to create images or feelings, and as much as i love everything he has made, partially because of how much excess he puts in everything, and how flamboyant it is, it's refreshing to hear raw ramp which is so simple. it makes this song seem more sincere.
it's about the elevated feeling of being in love, or infatuated. and what makes it believable is that it's simple, or raw, like the title of the song.
he loves her mouth and her breasts and her attitude, all kind of shallow things, but when you're infatuated with someone you could rave on these things because to you they're mystical (baby your mouth is like a ghost)
as soon as the beat of this song begins, my mood is picked up by it.
also, it's sweet to hear bolan throw someone else up on a pedestal for a chance, whoever she may be. it usually seems he's the one up there. infatuation is very humbling.

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