Manowar Albums

  • The Lord Of Steel Album (6/16/2012)
    The Lord Of Steel
    Born In A Grave
    Righteous Glory
    Touch The Sky
    Black List
    El Gringo
    Hail, Kill And Die
    The Kingdom Of Steel

  • The Sons Of Odin Album (1/3/2011)
    The Ascension (Live Version)
    King Of Kings (Live Version)
    Gods Of War (Immortal Version)
    The Sons Of Odin (Immortal Version)

  • Thunder In The Sky Album (10/13/2009)
    Thunder In The Sky
    Let The Gods Decide
    Die With Honor
    The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings) (Metal Version)
    God Or Man
    Tatko (Father - Bulgarian Version)
    Otac (Father - Croatian Version)
    Isä (Father - Finnish Version)
    Mon Père (Father - French Version)
    Vater (Father - German Version)
    Πατερα (Father - Greek Version)
    Apa (Father - Hungarian Version)
    Padre (Father - Italian Version)
    父 (Father - Japanese Version)
    Far (Father - Norwegian Version)
    Ojciec (Father - Polish Version)
    Pai (Father - Portuguese Version)
    Tată (Father - Romanian Version)
    Padre (Father - Spanish Version)
    Baba (Father - Turkish Version)

  • Gods Of War Album (4/3/2007)
    The Ascension
    King Of Kings
    Army Of The Dead, Part I
    Loki God Of Fire
    Blood Brothers
    The Blood Of Odin
    The Sons Of Odin
    Glory Majesty Unity
    Gods Of War
    Army Of The Dead, Part II
    Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
    Die For Metal

  • Warriors of the World Album (6/4/2002)
  • Hell on Stage live Album (2/1/1999)
  • Hell on Wheels Album (9/1/1997)
  • Louder than Hell Album (9/1/1996)
  • The Triumph of Steel Album (9/1/1992)
  • Kings of Metal Album (9/1/1988)
  • Fighting the World Album (9/1/1986)
  • Sign of the Hammer Album (9/1/1984)
  • Hail to England Album (9/1/1984)
  • Into Glory Ride Album (9/1/1983)
  • Battle Hyms Album (9/1/1982)

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    battle hymn | Reviewer: tanmoyhoque
        ------ About the album Battle Hyms performed by Manowar

    i like this band very much cause there drums,guitar,vocal all they are played diffarent way. battle hymn soft metal type songs this is the 1st metal band in my life iam starting liesting heavy metal band manowar.i always like this type of soft tracks. anybody have more colection of this band just let me touch following mail address thanks.................

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