Manmade God Lyrics

Pann - vocals / Craig Locicero - guitar / Steve Jacobs -
drums / James Walker - bass

"Unravel new horizons on my search for greater things" -
"Search For Greater Things"

The path to potential is charted by he who walks it. Such
is the philosophy of Manmade God, a band that is square on
the road to realizing theirs.

Guitarist Craig Locicero and drummer Steve Jacobs, called
by an insistent muse, founded the Bay Area band straight
out of their prior project, Forbidden. Inspiration was
instant, realization was distant, but imminent. More...

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Reviews about Manmade God songs

A review of Bad Creation and Manmade God as a whole | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bad Creation performed by Manmade God

I had my first taste of manmade god on an online radio station. I usually skip the songs by groups I don't know, but I was really focused on something.

So when a song Bad Creation came on, I didn't immediatly skip it. So about halfway through the song I realized I was listening to a really good song. I really dislike classic rock, so when I found out they base alot of they're music on groups like Led Zeplin, I was kind of stunned.

Either way, the song sounds very different from most of the more modern rock. It still sounds alot like the classic rock artists, but the big difference between Manmade God and others is they're lyrics and they're way of breathing life into a heavy used recipe for success. Overall the music provides a bit of releif for those of us who prefer modern music, and also a new spin on yesterday's rock for those who enjoy older rock (more specifically 80's).

A good group. I'd give them a 8 out of 10.

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