Manfred Mann's Earth Band Albums

  • 2006 Album
    Demons And Dragons
    Two Brides
    Down In Mexico
    The History Of Sexual Jealousy Parts 17 To 24
    Get Me Out Of This
    Two Friends
    Independent Woman

  • Soft Vengeance Album (6/1/1996)
    Pleasure And Pain
    Play With Fire
    Nothing Ever Happens
    Shelter From The Storm
    Tumbling Ball
    The Price I Pay
    Lose The Touch
    Wherever Love Drops (Part One)
    The Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy
    99 Lbs
    Miss You
    Nature Of The Beast
    Wherever Love Drops (Part Two)

  • Masque Album (10/16/1987)
    Joybringer (From Jupiter)
    Sister Billie's Bounce
    What You Give Is What You Get (Start)
    Telegram To Monica
    Billie's Orno Bounce (Including Billie's Bounce)
    Neptune (Icebringer)
    Rivers Run Dry
    We're Going Wrong
    Geronimo's Cadillac

  • Criminal Tango Album (6/13/1986)
    Going Underground
    Who Are The Mystery Kids?
    Killer On The Loose
    Do Anything You Wanna Do
    You Got Me Right Through The Heart

  • Somewhere in Afrika Album (2/18/1983)
  • Chance Album (10/10/1980)
  • Angel Station Album (3/9/1979)
  • Watch Album (2/24/1978)
  • The Roaring Silence Album (8/27/1976)
  • Nightingales & Bombers Album (8/22/1975)
  • The Good Earth Album (10/11/1974)
  • Solar Fire Album (11/30/1973)
  • Messin' Album (6/15/1973)
  • Glorified Magnified Album (9/29/1972)
  • Manfred Mann's Earth Band Album (2/18/1972)

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