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Music stardom. Film stardom. Will Mandy Moore please make
up her mind? Does she even have to? With three films, How
To Deal, Saved, and Try Seventeen set for release in 2003,
Mandy Moore is also exploring her musical future with
heartfelt interpretations of some of the greatest songs of
the past with her new album, Coverage. "I feel like I've
moved beyond this pristine bubble gum image that most of
the world has had of me," she says. "I know people are
going to think, 'Who is Mandy Moore and what makes her
think she has the right to More...

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Submit Mandy Moore New Lyrics

Review about Mandy Moore songs
<3 | Reviewer: Cam
    ------ About the song Crush performed by Mandy Moore

This is how I feel about my crush...I can never see him; I can never even tell any of my friends cuz they'd look at me like I'm a lunatic. My crush died 12 years ago...he was married. I love you. <3

A Walk To Remember is my 1st ranking favourite movies. | Reviewer: Kerryn
    ------ About the song Cry performed by Mandy Moore

A Walk To Remember.. . i wonder how,i wonder why did i feel that i have fallen in luv with this great movie that i have ever seen. A Walk To Remember remind me to Titanics' movie. this is bcoz da actor of shane west remind me of leonardo dicaprio in Titanic. by da way,i put A Walk To Remember in my 1st ranking favourite movies & followed by Titanic bcoz A Walk To Remember tell me about da true meaning of luv among teenagers who are study in a high school. Landon Carter wants to married Jamie Sullivan even though he knows that she suffered from leukaemia disease & Jamie was happy to hear that & she agree to accept his proposal. During 4 years Jamie's departure,Landon still go through on his life as normal but deep in his heart he still & always feel a longing for Jamie everytime. To Landon,''Jamie saved my life. About life,hope and the long journey ahead. I'll always miss her. But our love is like the wind. I can't see it,but I can feel it.'' Mandy Moore & Shane West plays a very good & amazing character in A Walk To Remember. i'm very like to watch Mandy Moore & Shane West act 2gether. i luv this best actor & actress. i'm also luv ''CRY'' as da songs theme which is performed by beautiful & sweet Mandy Moore. i will never 4get this movie in my life & i will watch this great movie if i hev free time. A Walk To Remember is a such da best movie that i hev ever seen even though da date of 9th november 2012 is my 1st time watch it. Actually,i get & know about this movie from my schoolmate. Well,i don't hev any idea 4 da end lyrics of ''CRY'' but to me da lyrics is already gud enough & very beautiful.

the one | Reviewer: jeny love jaje
    ------ About the song Someday We'll Know performed by Mandy Moore

i love this song..i know that some person can and cant find the right and perfect person for them...they dont even care their attitudes they just care that the person is cute,handsome,or beautiful...

Heartbreakingly True! <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crush performed by Mandy Moore

Great song as usual from Mandy, but yeah, sadly very very true! Sometimes they just don't read between the lines! I hope someday I can say what he can't spot, I just hope it isn't too late.

Why aren't you here with me, tonight? | Reviewer: Just a Random Commenter
    ------ About the song Someday We'll Know performed by Mandy Moore

I absolutely love this song. Trust me, I am a music addict. Music is my life and passion. Without it, I cease to exist. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's about doing everything just to see your loved one again. Come to think of it, that reminds me of a pairing I support in a certain anime. XD Anyway, I know some other Mandy Moore songs. Another one is Only Hope. It's played in the movie A Walk To Remember, along with this song. I was thinking that you already knew that, but eh. XD I love this song, I love Mandy Moore, I love music and I love anime. XD PEACE OUT, PEOPLE!!! 8D

love is never ending | Reviewer: sasha
    ------ About the song Cry performed by Mandy Moore

hold on tears when you need to smile. but never hold on tears when you need to cry. love is everything but never depends on tears. may be your heart is suffering from love. but never let your eyes to suffer.

i hope it's already "SOMEDAY" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Someday We'll Know performed by Mandy Moore

this songs brings hope to all the broken hearted people. it gives us assurance that things happen for a reason and that someday you'll know why the two of you didn't ended up together. and it's because there is someone out there for you greater than him. even though it feels that there is no one in the world who can make you feel in love the way he did, this song says that one day, "SOMEDAY YOU'LL KNOW"

good job | Reviewer: vinxent
    ------ About the song Someday We'll Know performed by Mandy Moore

the song is very nice, along with the movie... its one of my favorite romantic movie. its very touching and leaves you a memorable ending. the movie helps us realize that we don't know what will happen tomorrow so love like there's no tomorrow''

wonderfull film that i have seen under the sun. | Reviewer: Dileep
    ------ About the song Someday We'll Know performed by Mandy Moore

I can't explain about the film @ about this song because it’s makes me cry. I don't no how many time's I watch this film. I sang this song so many time with my guitar. And I'm still dreaming about this film specially when I’m going to bed @ when I’m alone. I love Jamie to making a wonderful acting and she is very pretty. And the wonderful part of the film was ,Landon carter is asking permission from Jamie’s father to take Jamie out 4 a dinner. It’s very difficult to find a girl/boy who can recognize the true love. And I’m trying 2 be like that and still looking 4 a girl like that. If some one can add the gist of the film to his life he or she will be the winner of his life. (There is no target in life. There is only a hope. )

dialogs that made me Sade
Landon carter: are you squad
Jamie: To death? I’m squad of not been with you.
Jamie: May be god has a bigger plan for me. like you send to me because I’m sick.

Dileep fonseka . To know the others idea reply me. my e-mail adders:

Nicholas Sparks Rocks!! | Reviewer: Dhvani
    ------ About the song Someday We'll Know performed by Mandy Moore

Nicholas Sparks is d author of this wonderful book "A WALK TO REMEMBER"....dis is d most wonderful romantic movie ever!! dnt knw how many ever times i see this movie it makes me cry everytime i see it!!
Mandy Moore and Shane West hve played d parts most perfectly!! D song " Only Hope" is d song wer Shane falls in love wid Mandy...its d most beautiful scene in the movie along with d scene wer Shane cries as he's returnign frm his dad's house wen Mandy tells him she has Cancer...i've never seen a man cry so passionately for a woman!! n d most promising lines in d film: " tell Jamie i'm not going anywhere"!!!

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