Mandragora Scream Albums

  • A Whisper Of Dew Album (7/1/2003)
    Isserggia's Hope
    Silent Lullabies
    A Vision They Shared
    Velvet Eyes
    iiaonman iibiich Vampires
    Labyrinths Of Earth
    Lactate Veins
    Bloody Ballade
    Rainbow Seeker
    Close Every Door
    Crow's Love
    A Whisper Of Dew

  • Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves Album (3/22/2001)
    The Time of Spells
    Five Tear Drops
    Brain Storm
    Cryin' Clouds
    Angel Dust
    Little Zombies
    Child of the Moon
    Fairy Tales From Hell's Gates
    Eva's Stardust

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