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"The demographic of pop has shifted massively. There used
to be a time when you only started getting into pop music
when you were twelve. These days, it's aimed at seven to
twelve year olds.

"But people do grow up. Their tastes become more
sophisticated, they experience things, they mature - but
they still want to listen to music. Not Eric Clapton, we're
not that old, but quality music that reflects their adult
experience. That's what marketing people and radio stations
don't always understand. And that's where Mandalay come in. More...

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Review about Mandalay songs
Writers are wrong | Reviewer: Aisla
    ------ About the song Beautiful performed by Mandalay

This song is written by Nicola Hitchcock and Saul Freeman. Not Justin Bieber, Toby Gad and Carly Rae Jepsen. In 1998, when Mandalay published the song, Bieber was four years old, for instance.

Moonlit room, Candles, Roses and this Song | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song Like her performed by Mandalay

EROTIC, SENSUAL, HYPNOTIC. If there is a song that reunite two people in a relationship this ballad can do it. This song makes you think, forgive and make babies.

Mandalay is Beautiful !! | Reviewer: Ili
    ------ About the song Beautiful performed by Mandalay

So Beautiful, that even world-renowned Sarah Brightman tried to imitate it, but alas she fell short. So if you like her song "Beautiful" - it is really Mandalay's and they do it much better. While her version is uppity, Mandalay's is haunting, with a beat and inspiring to listen to!
Hope ya like it!

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