Mandalay Albums

  • Instinct Album
    Not seventeen
    Don't invent me
    Like her
    Deep love
    No reality
    You forget
    Simple things
    Too much room
    What if I
    It's enough now

  • Empathy Album (3/23/1998)
    This life
    Flowers bloom
    Enough love
    All my sins
    This time last year
    Kissing the day
    About you

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    Reviews about Mandalay albums

    no words for this album! | Reviewer: martin
        ------ About the album Empathy performed by Mandalay

    great album! excelent! i associated it with 'portishead' as soon as i heard it (in fact i even thought it was portishead!).

    from the first track to the last, a relaxed trip-hop masterpiece. highly sensitive tracks. as i said. i love portishead besides the sadness.. and mandalay got another special place in my loved bands.


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