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Highlighting Manchester Orchestra as our featured band of
the month for July was really a no-brainer. It was due time
as it seems just about every other music publication in
Atlanta has already expressed its own generous accolades.
There's Manchester Orchestra on the cover of Southeast
Performer Magazine, there they are again in Atlanta Journal
Constitution, they've been featured in Paste Magazine
repeatedly, and there are doubtless countless others.

So what's all the fuss about then? Well, for starters
you've got 19-year old More...

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Review about Manchester Orchestra songs
NDtbhEwfNls | Reviewer: Bobby
    ------ About the song Shake It Out performed by Manchester Orchestra

- Another lveloy image. I like your choice of music too I've been a fan of that Moby track for a while and reckoned it would make a great slideshow soundtrack for exactly this kind of image. I had not heard this remix but I like it thanks for providing the link.

A chilling song. | Reviewer: Ellie
    ------ About the song I Can Feel A Hot One performed by Manchester Orchestra

Decomposed, I agree with everything you said. Absolutely every word of it. The first time I heard this song, I had tears running down my cheeks by the end of it. And every time since, I get goose bumps. An absolute breathtaking song.
And you are correct that the song is about a car accident. I read an interview where the lead singer explains that the song is about a dream he had in which him and his wife were hit by a van. In his dream, he looses his wife. She is pregnant in his dream and he somehow finds solace in the baby.

Uh-mazing. | Reviewer: Decomposer
    ------ About the song I Can Feel A Hot One performed by Manchester Orchestra

The emotion MO create in this song is so heavy. It's so palpable, and it's eerily suspended by the reverby guitars and sparse percussion.

I'm not sure if this actually describes something that happened to the singer, but the lyrics are absolutely perfect.
It seems like the singer was in conversation with his lover while they were driving, and they crashed. When he says "the lord showed me dreams of my daughter, she was crying inside your stomach", you feel a 15 pound weight drop in your gut and chills run up your spine, but the return to the main riff is a powerful, cathartic release, that by the end of the song, you're not even sad.

I hope Manchester Orchestra continues to write and play, because they really have something special.

Another MO song about religion | Reviewer: Breezy
    ------ About the song Where Have You Been? performed by Manchester Orchestra

"when you look at me
I'll be digesting your legs
cause I can hardly see
what's in front of me these days
and those days, too."
I take this as the bread or the flesh of Jesus. He's taking in the bread without even looking at where it is coming from.
"They should deliver all my blessings
in small brown paper handbags near the porch
I wished I'd known that you were bleeding while I sat
and watched you reading with the lord"
Another example of sinning(possibly drinking) and not recognizing him bleeding on the cross.

This is my .02 but I do know it's about religion. Anybody that says that, first off isn't looking at the lyrics and secondly doesn't know enough of Andy's background.
"They call holidays an option for a reason
I heard you're coming back to life just for the fourth
I've been catching all your ghosts for every season
I pray to god you won't come back here anymore"
Obviously, Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, which could take place on April 4th. I take the ghost part to mean that he continues sinning because of the fact that he catches Jesus' ghosts,who died for our sins. He doesn't want Jesus to come back(end of the world) and see the sins he's committed.

beautiful | Reviewer: Sarah
    ------ About the song Colly Strings performed by Manchester Orchestra

This song is beautiful. Probably one of their best.
It sang so beautifully, I personally recommend everyone to listen to it.

but there's a tiny mistake in the lyrics

"you PLAYED your song" not sang :)

Different Lyrics | Reviewer: Jane
    ------ About the song Alice & Interiors performed by Manchester Orchestra

I Know All The Lyric Sites I've Been On Say The Same As This But The Song I Have Of This Is A Little Different. I Also Went On Youtube To Check If My Song Was Just Different But Someone Else Had The Same. Is There Different Versions Of This Song??

amazing | Reviewer: lara
    ------ About the song I Can Barely Breathe performed by Manchester Orchestra

The men in this band are masterminds. They are true geniouses and create beautiful music. This is personally my favorite song by them. Their lyrics are at times confusing but have so much meaning. the words "if seeing is believing than believe that we have lost our eyes".... Omgg the best ever. :D

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