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Release Date: 03/01/2006
Tracks in I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child: Wolves At Night, Now That You'Re Home, The Neighborhood Is Bleeding, I Can Feel Your Pain, Where Have You Been?, I Can Barely Breathe, Sleeper 1972, Golden Ticket, Alice & Interiors, Don't Let Them See You Cry, Colly Strings

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Music Has a Heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/13

Music with emotion is becoming increasingly hard to find in this generation. Mainstream music in our generation is usually thoughtless words put together with a good beat to follow. Every once in awhile, a song on the radio can capture my attention, if only for a moment. One band in particular caught my attention and kept me wanting more. Manchester Orchestra has a unique, indie rock sound that draws you in within the first cords.Im Like a Virgin Losing a Child is Manchester Orchestras first studio album produced in 2006, it was co-produced by the lead singer Andy Hull by the independent record label Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. Andy Hull originally put together Manchester Orchestra as a project that would cast him as the lead singer and randomly have his friends join in for performances, much like an Orchestra. Young and successful, the band decided to stick together and later created two more outstanding albums that are mostly built around the hardships of Andy Hull and his bandmates. They may not be the next big thing, but they are also not the type to be followed, only admired.
Nineteen year old Andy Hull has a unique voice that some may find to be an acquired taste as he bellows his words with tempo that rises and falls with his emotion. Manchester Orchestras first song of Im Like a Virgin Losing a Child is the upbeat Wolves at Night, but with lyrics such as Cause I confide in wolves at night, brings the outcry of his loneliness. The album transitions to a melancholy tone with I Can Feel Your Pain, that is almost acoustic with only the soft strums of a guitar and the soft, almost whisper, of Andy Hulls voice singing a lullaby of deep passion. On an even more minor scale, is the poetic lyrics of Sleeper 1972 that brings us to a deep place inside Andy Hulls heart as he sings I still see you inside of this god-awful house / you move awfully quiet now, about the death of his father. The album finishes off the cacophony of emotion with Colly Strings, a deep emotional song with a soft strum of a guitar and Andy Hull smoothly telling a story to the microphone. The order in which the songs were put into the album were unpredictable, but works well to show that they have no boundaries.
Andy Hull shares a similar unique voice with Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey from Brand New, and Nathan Hussey from All Get Out. Kevin Devine sings in a low, soft tempo then dramatically raises the tone much like that of Andy Hull. Jesse Lacey has more of a breathy voice that comes through as a whisper and dances back and forth with the tempo, which Andy Hull is known for in some of his music. Nathan Hussey takes his voice into more a twang than Andy Hull, but his lyrics tell a story and doesnt hide emotion. Andy Hull also has two other project bands, Right Away, Great Captain! and Bad Books that share the same sound.
Manchester Orchestras following album Mean Everything to Nothing was produced three years later in 2009. This album was different from their first album in many ways such as the general tone of the songs was upbeat and more modern. Shake it Out, was one of their first songs aired on the radio, as it was similar to the interest of mainstream listeners. Although their second album is not completely devoid of the emotion I longed for in their music, it is not near as heart-wrenching as Im Like a Virgin Losing a Child. I Can Feel a Hot One can be compared to the first album as showing considerable emotion with the familiar low-key guitar strums and restrained vocals.
From my personal opinion, this album is well worth acquiring and listening to over and over as the melodramatic vocals bring you in with the same experience of longing and great emotion. Andy Hull is very skillful with his poetic lyrics and unique vocals that can never disappoint or be rendered as unworthy. As once said, it is difficult to find music in our generation that can be worthy of buying or even taking the time to listen to, but Manchester Orchestra has threaded through the unoriginal sounds of mainstream to find their own definition of music. Im Like a Virgin Losing a Child creates a heart-wrenching story with only a whispered voice and a few strums a guitar that can blow you away.

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