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4000 independent record sales. Tour dates across North
America. Endorsed by One Life Clothing, Circa Footwear and
sponsored by World Vision. And now a Tooth & Nail record
deal. All in the last fourteen months. But every story has
a beginning…this is Manafest's.

There are few who are blessed with Manafest's natural
ability to spit lyrics effortlessly. Fewer still whose
lyrics carry true, life-changing meaning with its
listeners. But being a crafty wordsmith can only get you so
far and the fastest rising hip-hop artists in the country More...

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Review about Manafest songs
Just a Typo | Reviewer: Beccah
    ------ About the song Break Up performed by Manafest

It's not "I say woe easy girl on the make up." It's "whoa," not "woe." The "woe" currently in the lyrics is for "woe is me" whereas "whoa" is for "WHOA! What just happened?"
Regardless of this minor mishap, THANK YOU for the lyrics! =^_^=

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Where Are You performed by Manafest

It's sad that 2 people from opposite ends of the world can have almost the exact same things happen in their lives... the only difference is that my dad is always gone out on the road driving a truck... he's still alive at least.... i guess that counts for something in this world... right? i mean... even though i can't talk to him about anything because he will never understand me... i guess it counts for something that he is still alive.....

Alsome | Reviewer: Romie
    ------ About the song Impossible performed by Manafest

I love you! I love the way you rap, not putting anything bad in your songs. I wish all the other rapers did that for a change.

Can"t believe | Reviewer: Conner Friesen
    ------ About the song Impossible performed by Manafest

I cant beleive how you could, take the time. to create the stars the stars that shine over all the people who hardly know. al about your grace your grace that shows.

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