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I'm the man in the box
Buried in my shit
Won't you come and save me?
Save me?

Feed my eyes (can you sew them shut?)
Jesus Christ (deny your maker)
He who tries (will be wasted)
Feed my eyes (now you've sewn them shut)

I'm the dog who gets beat
Shove my nose in shit
Won't you come and save me?
Save me?

Feed my eyes (can you sew them shut?)
Jesus Christ (deny your maker)
He who tries (will be wasted)
Feed my eyes (now you've sewn them shut)

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Feed my eyes (can you sew them shut?)
Jesus Christ (deny your maker)
He who tries (will be wasted)
Feed my eyes (now you're sewn them shut)

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Man in the Box | Reviewer: Justin | 1/16/13

Subtle lyrics about government that slap you in the face when you listen closely. Strong, deep and resonating riffs plant your ass into your seat while vocal harmonies just bring you back. Cantrell's solo in this is one of the sweetest pieces of guitar work in the 90's.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/12

I heard the opening guitar riff of this song inspired The Terrible Thunderlizards song. I loved that cartoon when I was a kid. So I bought this song 3 days after I heard about it and now I am hooked on it. Layne was one of the best ever rock singers. Awesome on the lead vocals and Jerry Cantrell awesome on the background vocals. If they do a movie of Layne Staley's life, I think Jeremy Renner should play him

Man in the box! | Reviewer: Carmalita Zuni | 5/1/12

I have always thought Layne had the most amazing VOICE!...i have ever heard for a Grunge band he ROCCD!!!! NO end...wish he was still here to make his beyond awesome music!...

Man In The Box | Reviewer: Clay | 6/19/11

Most of the songs on this album have vague Viet Nam war references. Up until recent history, the way one minimized further damage to an injured eye was to sew it shut until proper medical attention could be effected....

Wow!!!!! | Reviewer: We all rock | 3/29/11

Well, ok. I was "REALLY!!!!!??????" when I looked up the lyrics. I was so shocked when I looked up the lyrics, I when to other sites!!! After I went to 2 sites and the lyrics were the same, I STILL didn't believe it so I had to listen and follow along with the music. I got the first part, and the Jesus Christ part but nothing else.(I know like the whole song now!!!) I thought it was "I'm the dark who gets beat" Whoops!!!

Joe G. (5MH) Melts Me When He Sings This Song | Reviewer: LIZ :-) | 1/14/10

Five Miles High does this song (in San Diego) and I just melt and will admit I get that little tingle / twinge (you know what I mean) when Joe sings it and he hits those screams! Eye-yi-yi-yi!!! (He NAILS IT!!!)

I'm not too thrilled about the lyrics for this song, but boy I just dig listening to this song.

LOLz | Reviewer: TheLonelyPenguin | 10/30/09

I have a funny story.Alright when I was a little kid I heard this song and I distinctly heard him say "buried in my shit".Later in life I heard this song again and he said "buried in my pit".I soon was brainwashed into believing I was crazy and heard things wrong.Then I look up these lyrics and find out he does say "SHIT"!!!DAMNIT I HATE CENSORS!!!!!!!!

Get me out of the box | Reviewer: EVAN | 2/25/09

Jamie and I are probably the best karaoke singers...We nailed this song....We will be at Lake Nebagamon March 6-7th. We are pretty amazing.....and we are double amputees! We have crazy wheel chair choreography moves...Like I said...we are AMAZING!

sweet! | Reviewer: INVADER JENN | 7/24/07

me and my family LOVE alice in chains id always listened to thier songs there was only one i didnt understand and that was man in the box.i sang thier song yet i didnt know what they were saying so finally today i decided to look it up.i dont know the words so im trustin whoever wrotit..............LATER!

Man In The Box | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/06

Fantastic song that ROXX MY SOXX ! 1 of the clasics from Alice in Chains

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