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Biohazard Man With A Promise Lyrics

Last updated: 03/06/2000 08:54:09 PM

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A man with a promise smashes down my door
He sees a future with me, he's gonna give me more
"Give all your trust, I'm sure you won't regret
Just sign the dotted lind, and I'll do so the rest"
He says I can't make it alone, not without him
But I've always been on my own, he doesn't know who I am
And now I'm starting to see just what you are to me
A parasitic leech of my life

Pre-chorus I:

You feed off the art that I bleed
You're a man with a promise but you ain't shit to me

A man broke his promise and he wants reparations
He sold me up the river, caused me grief and frustration
I gave him all my trust and got stabbed in the back
A lucky motherfucker that he hasn't yet been whacked
You ain't no fuckin' artist, spend your life exploiting others
Try all you want, you can't break me or my brothers
A business man vulture, no honor, no class
Take your money and your lawyers and shove'em up your ass

Pre-chorus II:

You feed off the art that I bleed
Numbers to you is just pain to me


Now the tables are turned
Can't you see motherfucker that you'vre been burned
Your a man with a promise but you ain't shit to me
You ain't shit to me


Pre-chorus II


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