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Darkest Hour Man & Swine Lyrics

Last updated: 02/23/2011 11:00:00 AM

Breathe your every breath
Self obsessed
A sensational place
Your winning hand
Cripples this impoverished state
Your business here
I don't care
You're not welcome to feed yourself to death
It's just not ever gonna be enough

So chemical
Every scent you wear
A bath in shit
All flesh and hair
Among the squeals and the selfish prayers
I never knew you were never there

Need you think you need
So you live so lustfully
Peel the skin away
We're all the same
Until you taste yourself
But all you want is more
An insatiable breed
And you will know the slaughterhouse
The happy home

They think they own you
Every pig can smell where you've been
Everybody knows a pig
That wants to reform you
All those pigs
They're all soulless beasts

A subtle mount
A ripe affair
I'll be your accomplice anywhere
And I don't know if you even care
A cloven hoof in the mouth

And I've never known the difference
Between man and swine
Of rabid sex
So self-aware
It happens all the time
I want you sick and slovenly
I want you all the time
No common lines to hide behind
It happens all the time
It happens all the time
It happens all the time
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