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Logic Man Of The Year Lyrics

Last updated: 05/10/2013 06:41:19 PM

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I wonder what it feel like
To do that shit in real life
And now I know I got it
That's the reason No I.D. has signed me on the dotted
But it's still visionary till the death of me
Yeah, I'm tryina make it but I gotta find the recipe
Greatest of all time, I want the world addressing me
At the hotel, these beautiful girls undressing me
I'm tryina stay focused, I guess that's the Lord testing me
I knew as a child that this was my destiny
They do it for the limelight but I make sure my rhyme's right
Waiting till the time's right, smiling at my mom's life
Smiling at my mom, smiling at my mama
Moët what we sipping now
We was never tripping now
We on private jets, in other words, that means that we tripping now
'Cause they was over there, I was over here
They was too scared while I was facing my fears
I've always been driven but they too scared to steer
That's why I compete with legends, motherfuck my peers

I'm the man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year

They said I couldn't do it
Back when I was broke going through it
Till I got a deal, now they talking 'bout "I knew it"
But you was wasn't there in the beginning
Nowhere to be found when I was down
But you show up when I'm winning
Left me to drown, now I'm swimming
I do it 'cause I love this shit
Fuck the money and the women and the
And the whips with the rims still spinning
I been at it since the beginning
All these girls screaming "Logic"
But I wanna hear my real name
Come from the lips of a beautiful woman that's real, man
Y'all act like I'm Superman
But I can feel pain
I should've gone crazy, and yet I'm still sane
Love it when they sing to us
Been shining, was bling to us
Yeah, over here, it's only been a year
I was dirt broke, now I'm balling like a sphere

I'm the man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year

Now that I'm in the limelight
They hit me all the time like 'Logic, you never call me!'
Shut the fuck up, hoe, let me get my mind right
'Cause this is for the fans who truly understand
Real all the time, all of y'all my fam
Shooting for the stars and I ain't finna land
Giving everything I can while they tell me I'm the man
Making music is the plan
Matter fact, you can call it plan B
'Cause I kill these rappers while they're in their infancy
And I be first to pop off, infantry
Gotta keep 'em in line like symmetry
We all fam, same root, smoking different tree
And all these people in the crowd sound like a symphony
To my ears, I love it when they cheer
On the road to success, these haters in my rear
I got nothing to fear 'cause the whole team here
And everybody shouting

You the man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year
Man of the year

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