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Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Man Man is an experimental
indie band that incorporates Eastern European and
circus-esque styles in their music, creating a very unique,
experimental sound. The band consists of Honus Honus (lead
vocals, piano, organ, persussion), Pow Pow (drums and other
various percussions), Blanco (trumpet, guitar, clarinet,
cello, piano, marimba), Sergei Sogay (bass, synths,
percussion), and Les Mizzle (bass, guitar, synths,

Their style has been compared to a mixture of Tom Waits,
Frank Zappa, and More...

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Review about Man Man songs
Reall | Reviewer: Tee
    ------ About the song Spooky Jookie performed by Man Man

This song makes me think of about what almost every little girl goes throgh. It makes me sad to think its becomeing normal for 12 year old girls to be knocked up, its just so sad.

Wow | Reviewer: Theodore
    ------ About the song Poor Jackie performed by Man Man

Everything about this song; the structure, the lyrics, the music, is just amazing. From the change in music when it goes from describing Jackie to [what I think is] him describing how much he wants to die at her hands to the eerie chants at the end, everything is just so well done. Definitely my favourite Man Man song.

Unusually amazing | Reviewer: RNman
    ------ About the song Fishstick Gumbo performed by Man Man

I love the song! In the verse melody, I can hear sped-up remnants of "Come together." (listen for it, you'll see.) I cannot decypher the words being sung, but the tune is so catchy, I find myself not caring! I also love the 12 beat silent break followed by the explosive comeback. Great work guys!

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Skin Tension performed by Man Man

The lyrics of this song hardly capture how beautiful it really is, but they're a pretty good indication. If you only have one song off Man Man's second CD, this is the one to have. Simply stunning.

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