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Man Man Biography

Last updated: 04/25/2011 12:00:00 PM

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Man Man is an experimental indie band that incorporates Eastern European and circus-esque styles in their music, creating a very unique, experimental sound. The band consists of Honus Honus (lead vocals, piano, organ, persussion), Pow Pow (drums and other various percussions), Blanco (trumpet, guitar, clarinet, cello, piano, marimba), Sergei Sogay (bass, synths, percussion), and Les Mizzle (bass, guitar, synths, percussion).

Their style has been compared to a mixture of Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, and Captain Beefheart. Man Man is known for their distinctive live shows where the members of the band dress in white tennis outfits and don war paint. During their sets the band does not take breaks between songs in order to keep a constant energy level.

Man Man has released two LPs with Ace Fu Records: The Man in the Blue Turban With A Face (2004) and Six Demon Bag (2006).