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Mammuth Biography

Last updated: 05/29/2004 09:40:46 PM

The swedish Hardcore-Numetal band Mammuth was formed in august 2000 in Jonkoping, Sweden. Soon they were touring all over Sweden with their urgent message and intense liveshow.

In August 2002 the record label Talking music signed them and in January 2003 was their debut album Shine released. It was very well recieved by press and fans and since the release has Mammuth performed in different venues as Frizon Festival (swe), Gullbrannafestivalen (swe),CRN Festival (ger) and at Hard rock café,Stockholm (swe). A new release is to be expected in spring 2004.

About the music

The Mammuth sound has evolved from RATM in spired rapcore to emotional Hardcore-Numetal. With elements of aggressive screaming,soft melodic vocals and rap on a layer of dynamic, riffbased heavyguitars, Mammuth creates an emotional landscape that goes beyond the everyday numetalband and invites the listener to an mindblowing experience.

About the message

The message is what Mammuth is all about, and when it ´s stripped down to the core it ’s basically about Love. Mammuth want to use their own lives and the music to tell about their experience of a God that loves - no matter who you are or what you ´ve done. The goal is to make music that is so great that also people that don ’t consider themselves as christians want to listen to them even if they won ´t agree in everything. Mammuth call themselves a political band more than a christian band, because what Jesus is all about is radical, worldchanging politics based on Love.

About the liveshow

Mammuth always delivers an intense and mindblowing concert and that ’s what makes people travel long distance to see them live. The band wants to make each concert more than just a concert and every new gig is unique.But be sure that Mammuth will leave the audience sweating on the outside and touched in the inside!

Voices about Mammuth

”Mammuth is one of the highlights of the festival... they play sharp, professional, tight and heavy and can be considered one of Swedens absolute top livebands on the christian musicscene”.
Frizon 2003 concert review by (Translated from swedish).

”Die erste Entdeckung war sicherlich »Mammuth« aus Schweden, die mit ihrem kernigen und aggressiven Crossover auf der Nebenbühne einen gehörigen Einstieg in die deutsche Szene und eine würdige Eröffnung des zweiten CRN-Tages gaben”.
CRN 2003 concert review by