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I'm writing this letter and wishing you well

Oh well now
Mama we're all gonna die
Mama we're all gonna die
Stop asking me questions
I'd hate to see you cry


And when we go don't blame us
We'll let the fires just bathe us
You made us oh so famous
We'll never let you go
And when you go don't return to me my love

Mama we're all full of lies
Mama we're meant for the flies
And right now they're building a coffin your size


Well Mother what the war did to my legs and to my tongue
You should have raised a baby girl
I should have been a better son
If you could coddle the infection
They can amputate at once
You should've been


And when we go don't blame us
We'll let the fires just bathe us
You made us oh so famous
We'll never let you go

She said "You ain't no son of mine"
For what you've done they're gonna find
A place for you and just you mind
Your manners when you go
And when you go don't return to me my love

We all go to hell
Mama we all go to hell
It's really quite pleasant
Except for the smell
Mama we all go to hell

2 - 3 - 4

And if you would call me your sweetheart 
I'd maybe then sing you a song

But there's shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun
You would cry out your eyes all along

We're damned after all
Through fortune and flame we fall
And if you can stay then I'll show you the way to return from the ashes you call
We all carry on
When our brothers in arms are gone

And return from the ashes you call

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"fans" and "haters" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/11

Having just read through these comments I honestly find them hilarious.

Firstly to the so called "fans"; if you are a fan then you would realise the entire album is writen as 'alter-egos' hence the difference in style to the pervious two albums. The song isn't aimed directly at his mother as some people have stated, it is aimed at a fictious 'mama' figure who is over powering and over bearing.

To the haters, I have one question; is your life so boring you must search song lyrics of bands you claim to hate and comment on them with your uneducated ideas and views on people? Yeah, that makes sense.

Having known all current bands members, previous band members etc, and being on first name terms with them all, I've been told. I was a My Chem fan (not mcr as all the people who jumped on the band wagon dubbed them) when they were support acts playing venues that could only hold 100-125 people. Get a grip, grow up and get something better to do.

Oh, and My Chem have never encouraged self-harming fuckwits! Plus self harming comes in more ways, shapes and forms than being a "cutter" as you've all seemed to dub it.

Emo has never stood for 'emotionally unstable" it was a musical movement started in the late 80's as a cross breed of punk rock and metal music, known originally as 'Emotional Hardcore' after the world wide influence of grunge bands such as Nirvana, Hole, Garbage and Down and then becoming what is now known as "Emo", then once again transformed into the modern version refered to as "scene"(which is shortened from 'scene kid' which was the original name for people who attempted to copy the actual emo scene), which is what all of you are.

Frank I

Ppl suck | Reviewer: Danir | 7/29/11

Who the fick do theses assholes think they are judging "cutters" if someone listens to the album and feel pain then they will cry and Handle their pain in thier own damn way back off seriously just gtfo or stfu. Dicks you don't knOw anybody's story or life so don't judge. But this song is awesome

love it | Reviewer: alexstar | 11/25/10

im a serious fan of mcr, and everyone has a free opinion and no one should judge...every song has a meaning to it and only the lyric writer and the composers would know what the true meaning of it is, unless they have put it on a wed best friend is emo, but she doesnt go around showing her cuts, heck, i only figured out she was one untill i became really emotional, and by the way- emo isn't necessarily slit wrists or cutters, they people who are emotionally unstable..i love this band and all their songs..brings real emotions when you listen carefully to the words

the meaning? | Reviewer: Kendall | 6/26/10

When i listen to this album, it almost makes me think its about WWII, im not trying to be rude at all but the lyrics like "the fires just bathe us","the infection", and "what the war did to my legs and to my tongue". Thats just my opinion. If that makes any sence to anybody else.

really people? (my unimportant rant) | Reviewer: lovemelessx | 6/29/10

MCR fricken rocks to all those haters.......on another note let me question you emo's out there arent you doing the cutting for attention? how many people do you tell everyday how much your life sucks? (i respect the emo's who cut places that are really hard to find and dont run off telling people) but i mean come on it's time you learn the world is about as suckish as your life and they dont give a damn and never will better learn it now than later. it's the same thing to most of the lesbians (men not so much) i agree that some people do it for a legit reason but almost every lesbian ive met is doing it for attention....sorry but it's painfully obvious......and yes i hate everything get over it

THE BEST | Reviewer: mcr09 | 6/23/10

omg i love mcr.. thissong is actually directly 4 his mother, im guessing a bad relationship, anyways 2 the dumb shit thats wanting to cut himself to this album...omg get a life asswipe, dont ruin a great album, its because of asses like you that the Way bros hatemost of their fans as they DO NOT PROMOTE EMO BEHAVIOUR... arrrg... ass made me sick right now

It's a great song/album | Reviewer: :D:D:D | 5/5/10

What you dumb shits don't realize is that thanks to you fuckers now My Chemical Romance sucks dick. No it's not a album to cut your self to. and one of the comments was by a guy who said that the band is sick. Which I guess is true it's a depressing album.

None the less, I'm going to tell you dumb shits what this album is about. This album is about a man, who they call "The Patient," who is dieing of cancer. It is about what he experiances in the after life, etc.

Now what about the song? The song what I think it's about, cause none of you dumb fucks could figure it out all you could think about is the lead singers balls. I think this song is about his father who may have died in the war and this is a letter to his mom. The Patient found this letter and it is one of the things he remembers, or maybe it's the patients mom who he is talking to in this song. That could explain why a girl starts singing in it.

Either way I don't care. It's you dumb fucks who make them who they are. A bunch of sell out whores. I would love to see more Rock Operas by them. But that shit won't happen.

p.s: to the ones who are like me. Ignore them.

Best Band | Reviewer: Dana | 10/2/09

I've been listening to this band for so long and I fear that with out them, I would have committed suicide by now. I had nobody to...nobody that felt the same i guess. I was alone. But then i heard the songs and I was like "Fuck shyeah, these guys are awesome!"

great songg | Reviewer: .RiN. shinyCloud | 9/22/09

This song is sooo f*cking coool!!!! Love it! MCR , the best band everrr!!!!!

Oh! And .. Casey is it? Any who, if I like gerard way, or I'm "in love" with him its not ur problem, cause we like whoever we want!! Okay?! And , of course I love Gerard and I'm 14, but as an artist. and we all have the opportunity to feel so. Even if he's. 30 or 32 or whatev. I still think he is DAMMD HOT!!! And I'm not gonna change my mind because he's older than me . I wish him the BEST. And on the older hand... Gerard is Father!!! Omg!! He haves a cute little daughter..aww so cute :3333!!! Luckiest girl ever!!

ercaischemicalromance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

ahh i love them!
i wish they would have a concert somewhere near me!!!
ahh and i have one of their shirts im wearing it rite now (; Lol and i love this song.
especiall where he goes 'But this shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun,
You would cry out your eyes all along' <3 and gerard is hott 0_o

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