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Metallica Mama Said Lyrics

Last updated: 05/19/2014 08:11:41 AM

Mama, she has taught me well
Told me when I's young
Son, your life's an open book
Don't close it 'fore it's done
The brightest flame burns quickest
That's what I heard her say
Son's heart sewed to mother
But I must find my way

Let my heart go
Let your son grow
Mama, let my heart go
Or let this heart be still

"Rebel", my new last name
Wild blood in my veins
Apron strings around my neck
The mark that still remains
left home at an early age
Of what I heard was wrong
I never asked forgiveness
But what is said is done

Let my heart go
Let your son grow
Mama, let my heart go
Or let this heart be still

Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave
Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave
So let this heart be still

Mama, now I'm coming home
I'm not all you wished of me
But a mother's love for her son
Unspoken, help me be
Oh Yeah I took your love for granted
And all the things you said to me
I need your arms to welcome me
But a cold stone's all I see

Let my heart go
Let your son grow
Mama, let my heart go
Or let this heart be still

Let my heart go
Mama, let my heart go
You never let my heart go
So let this heart be still

Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave

Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave
So let this heart be still

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Completely drawn by this | Reviewer: Melzal frank rose | 5/19/14

This song has emotionally influencial lyrics and tunes, i never get myself loved a song like this. "Mama said" is just more than perfect. Thanks James The Brainiest

Impactng your soul | Reviewer: Rexus | 3/7/13

(Sorry for possible mistakes as I'm not a native-spoken with English).

When I resent my parents - I remember these words and offense just dissapear. Know why? Because I always can go to parents' home and just talk to them. Oh my Lord, thank you for this opportunity and for time...

Thanks to James for these meaningful words.

I let go of his heart.... | Reviewer: Chris | 8/19/12

I danced to this song at my son's wedding. He asked me not to be hurt by the words. How could I? It's the power of words and music that helped us fix us...and I let his heart go.
I left home just like the song says and went home to a tombstone. It's not something that always affects you, but give it time.

Ostracism and poverty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/11

Let my heart go... Let your son roam, Mama let my heart go, or let this heart by still.

That's how I heard it before checking the lyrics. I want to roam, but I don't defend my right to. I'm afraid of leaving home, what feels known in order to explore my true wonder in the world, even if it means poverty and ostracism. But then I think of people who are touched by the actual lyrics of this song... I feel like the bad guy, who was a gravestone, because I never allowed myself to live.

I got to this point | Reviewer: frujin | 8/28/11

Sigh ... I am 41. I did not speak with her for years. I was bad boy, she beat me and humiliated me, ... I insulted her, she insulted me. Things we said to each other burns our souls. Now I am good guy, achieved a lot in life. She is in hospital with cancer after surgery. Her friends told me, she never called. I love her ... God, please, help us..

mama you're always in my heart | Reviewer: | 8/8/11

After listening to this song 100th times, I can't see way it doesn’t get an ordinary song like the others. Mama Said was the greatest song I’ve ever heard and it conveys a strong emotional feeling of a Son to his Mom. Metallica Rocks babyyyy!!!

Today | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

Today i have been kicked out, i took my moms love for granted, and after listing to this song i gotta get past all the bullshit & make sure i dont lose her, cause i dont wanna come home 1 day to say sorry and the only thing i see is a tombstone, that would shove my heart into an even darker, deeper place than it already is, which is funny cause i appear to be a very happy, normal, male teen, but if you could walk 1 day in my shoes, you'd see that im not, i hide who i really am, i only cry alone, but i feel metallica is what really gets me,grabs my heart by there lyrics, and grabs my soul by there guitar.

First time I ever heard... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/10

The first time I ever stumbled across this song, I was sixteen years old, and I had met my first true love, or great one, lmao, only lasted four years, but, at the time, my mother was an alcoholic, in fact, she still is, when she found out about my girlfriend, she became crazy, grief stricken, like she was losing her first born son forever, me and her never really had much of a relationship, it was always awkward due to her drinking. And in turn, I grew resentful of her smothering nature. And, so, when I heard this song, it was after a heated arguement between me and her, and the moment James gets into the letting the heart go part. I feel that. I broke down like a big baby. I'm not afraid to admit that...

metallica can do any thing. . | Reviewer: Metallica fan | 12/4/10

Hi there, i am another one of those folks who think that metallica is the best ever. i have litsened to many other bands. But nothing could beat metallica. My second favourite band is motorhead. Although this song aint metal yet its very very nice. Metallica is not bounded in limitations. tthey dont care what people want to listen. Jaymes write these kind of songs because he felt that way.Metallica can make any kind of song. and last, st. anger is a masterpiece as well as death magnetic. hail metallica

top 6 | Reviewer: ixtroon | 7/7/10

METALLICA is one of the gratest this song is meaningful even if its not true not just lyrics but the music was great as well but this isnt the best song on metallica
nothing else matter has better lyrics
and unforgiven three is about the gratest of them
just two weeks ago i thought it was the worst i dont know
now i thing its awesome
in my opinion those are the best of metallica
are as well very good
METALLICA is not my favorite band

metallica the best | Reviewer: the truth ^^ | 5/28/10

You can say the best metallica song ever is ... nevermind, they are all nice ^^.
There are different meaning in the lyrics, it is something special, every song give a deep meaning and someone take it as a personal feeling, because they have felt it. It is false that what he says is sick, remember nothing else matters, dont means to fuck off all the rest, but just be who you are ^^, this is great.
Master of puppets and ride the lightning( and so on..) are great album but you can say this for all, because its a personal opinion. Im agree with you if you say that they plays better in those albums,but when you say best metallica song ever you can mean their song played better or you favorite song, dont do mistake ^^.
just one thing, one is a great song, they play it damned good and it has a deep meaning, maibe it isnt the best song, but its "one" of the best XP

just plain brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/10

straight the best song ever! beautifl,peaceful,meaningfull,awsome guitar, it just rocks!!! this song was written about James Hetfileds relationship with his mother who died of cancer. When you just listen to it, its brilliant, but whyen you actually listen to it and the lyrics its just a fuckin masterpiece! All HAIL METALLICA! MY HERO'S!

boo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/10

"OK, first of all, this isn't the best song from Metallica, even when it's full of meaning and the lyrics are beatiful"
I lolled hard.. You are like: "oh no my friend spaghetti is not the best food ever" For some people this song happens to be the best song from Metallica, period. I can't even name my own favorite song, but this one is indeed good.

very nice tone or beat but its sadistic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/10

the title sayz it already metallica is a very great band but i think they sold there soul by getting great and by getting on top of metal because most of there songs if not all are sadistic you dont talk about your mother like that and the way he shows that he's clip is just a background at the end, yes its honest but with that he promotes ''nothing else matters'' or maybe he is tryin to just provoke the people to just not care, anyway the clip and the music are great but he's lyrics how they are mentioned above are just not right i am tryin to understand the lyrics and how he plays is really great but thats the point he plays great so people believe what he says but what he says is just sick

Great song | Reviewer: Jon | 2/14/10

To start, this is in the top 10 Metallica songs for me personally. It's so emotional, it is sang so beautifully, it shows the many dimensions Metallica covers, and I absolutely love the guitar in the background on it, along with the beautiful acoustic guitar at the forefront. Not to mention the great lyrics that are deep and can probably strike a note with most people. 10/10

In regards to an earlier post, even though I believe that some epic trolling is going on, some people can be really close minded when it comes to music. Yeah Metallica sure as hell are pussies for diversifying their style of playing, that makes complete sense (sarcasm). The speed metal thing was becoming played out, and they really hit their limit with '...And Justice for All' in my opinion and has been stated by members of the band. If Metallica failed to evolve it would've most likely died out like most of the metal bands from the 80's did. Instead they challenged themselves musically and managed to stay on top for two more decades. Again, you're entitled to your own opinion so believe that if you want. But Metallica recently released a platinum album and are still selling out arenas all over the world so I guess most people would disagree with you.

And how does Metallica suck without Dave when he didn't even record their first album with them? He was on some demos and that's about it.

Yeah they sounded great with Dave!