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Lynyrd Skynyrd Mama (Afraid To Say Goodbye) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/03/2012 12:52:54 PM

(E. King, J.& D. Van Zant, Gary Rossington)

She'd wake us up early every mornin'
She'd help us say our prayers every night
She was always there to help us through the hard times
We could count on her to make everything alright

I remember swingin' on the front porch
Papa said there's somethin' I need to say tonight
Mama's been sick for a long time
Let's pray to God she can make it through the night

Mama don't wanna say goodbye
She said wipe those tears from your eyes
Mama I don't wanna say goodbye
It was written in the Heavens and the skies above
Son I gave you birth showed you all my love
I can't think of this life without you it's hard to try
Mama I'm afraid to say goodbye

Now kids I've been hangin' on a long time
I hate to leave this world before your grown
Remember everything that I've taught you
Remember all the good times when I'm gone

(repeat chorus)

She whispered in my ear before she passed away
Son it's time to be a man ain't nothin' left to say
Jesus walked on water I know it's true
When it comes time he'll call you home
I hope your ready too

(repeat chorus)

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mama | Reviewer: andrea putz | 12/3/12

it is wonderful, i am having trouble with my mother and before i die or she on her own time has to forgive me for my past i would love it if anybody from lynyrd skynyrd staff can send me some memorabilia to andrea putz 611 south avenue apt seven wilkinsburg pa 15221. this is one of the songs i would love to sing to my mama who's nickname is kook, short for koo koo because back in the day and the day i was born she got her hair done, im fourty five, so you figure nine months im smelling that hairspray and then when i decide i am to the meet the world get a good whiff of her toxic hairspray, when i was little my parents were asked where did you get andrea coz i was so bad and moody wellllll the hairspray im going with and its in the genes my dad's dad was not really nice and he was ukranian and now that i am fourty five going through my changes and yes pregnant too and it hasn't been confirmed if i may have a little cancer but can lynryd skynryd do this for me. also i am going through identity theft for the past three years as to date it is now an operation that i am personally conducting and investigating the fraud at the past three to four establishments i stayed at while i wait for housing, i am pooped and i want to have a pizza and my parents can drink beer but i hope my life story can be an inspiration for families, young girls, young people with criminal records and that are on drugs, i just want to help that is my high so thank you lynryd skynyrd and how about coming to the consul energy center in pgh pa a part of the proceeds go to the places i stayed as so not another woman would have to enjure what i went through but God had me be His Angel to speak up about the immoral practices these corporations are getting away with but not on my watch signing out investigative inspector andrea putz aka miss mental health universe thank you