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In the country known as Czech Republic the band MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first bands showing their mincing and grinding sound to the public. MALIGNANT TUMOUR started in the beginning of 1992 as a NOISE CORE band. We did a couple of rehearsal tapes and after this period, the end of 1992 we decided to play grindcore with sick medical lyrics. Nobody knows what the line up was in the noise times, simply a lot of friends making fun, but the first serious ones were: Bilos on guitar and vocals, Roman on bass and additional voice and Libor on drums. After some records somewhere in 1995 Roman and Libor left the band, because they didn't like grindcore anymore. Now they are far away from this music, playing some weird stuff( i can not describe their music, sorry). Anyway,they were replaced by Michal (drums) and Otto (bass). This line up existed for quite a long time and we recorded a lot of records and played many gigs. In the year 1997 we decided to change the lyrics from pathologist-style to more socially aware and politically provocative topics. In our lyrics we try to fight against inequality, fascism, racism, homophobia and world systems which enslave people all around. In the same year the drummer Michal left the band to do his own band called Cerebral Turbulency and very soon we found a new face called Marek. Few weeks after Michal left, Otto decided to quit as well. Now he is playing in a great grindcore band called Needful Things. Because in our local area there was a lack of bassplayers who like grindcore, Bilos decided to play bass-bulldozzer, and a new guitarist, Richard, join the band. So the new line up from 1997 till 1999 was: Bilos-bass/vox, Richard-guitar/vox, Marek-drums. With this members we did some records, played some great shows and did tours. In end of 1999 Marek left the band without reason and in spring 2000 Richard quit as well because his band (Love History) was more active in playing gigs and he had no time for MT anymore. So Bilos was looking for new members and in one month he found Marek for guitar (actually Purulent Spermcanal ) and Michal for drums (Carnal Diafragma), some shows, but history repeated itself, because Marek was kicked out of the band. There was more than one reason to kick him out. Idiotic behaviour was the main one. After this Bilos decided to play guitar again and a new bassplayer was found in a local band called Hibakusha. This guy Petr did some shows with MT, and one European tour before he left the band…without any reason. After all this shit Bilos had to move from Czech republic to Belgium where he tried to rehearse with some people for only a few weeks, and after half a year he moved to Holland. Finally he found new permanent members to continue with MALIGNANT TUMOUR. So the line up in autumn 2002 is: Bilos-guitar/vox, Jelle-bass/vox, Johan-drums.

There were a couple of more people in MT before, but they played with us only for a few weeks or just one rehearsal, then they quit because they were not prepared for this "kind of noise".

Anyway I thank everybody who participated or stayed in MT for keeping Mince/Grindcore alive.

BILOS September 2002

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