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Tricky Make a Change Lyrics

Last updated: 03/30/2000 12:53:55 AM

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(Tricky/Alison Moyet)

Make a change for maisie
she don't understand the days, yeah
with our different deeds
No more ......baa baa black sheep (?)

cos maisies not the slave
breakaway the chains
you know nothing else remains
no more last names (x2)
if you [?]
live a lie [?]
stay before the hatred (x2)
if i make a change for you whose gonna make a change for me
if im not with you maisie [?]
with no more real reason, wanna know my real tune
wanna know my [?]
its your turn to fuck with things that they say
its your turn to fuck things they say (yeah)
make the change fantastic (x2)
fantastic (x2)
gonna make it last forever (x3)
take it from [?]
then its time to sever (sever)
seize the cnance to change (x3)
im going to (x2)
make the change fantastic (x2)

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