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Tonex Make Me Over Lyrics

Last updated: 09/17/2013 07:41:55 AM

You know my other side
I can no longer hide
Let you down so many times
Sin freshly crucifies

Thought that I had a plan
had it all figured out
but the more that you tried to be by my side
the more I put you out

Lord make me over (repeat x 3)

Make me over again (repeat x 4)

Time after time I failed you
Pierced your side when they already nailed you
Jesus heal my open wounds
I just want to be more like you

Father I let you down
what's not like you just take it out
Reconcile me Jesus, I just want to please you
wash me and make me whole (hold)

Lord make me over (repeat x 3)

Make me over again (repeat x 4)

take it out of me jesus take out of me lord IM SICK OF MY FLESH LORD
i die i die to myself repeat 3xs im sick of churches the same way im sick of service the same way i get prayer and go back out i get a deliverd and sin again i get prayer and sin again im ready for a change lord cause for

forgive me forgive me when i wna do rite evil is always present my spirit dont wonna do it but flesh keeps on drawing me to it an im ready i submit repeat 3xs take my identity away lord i wana be more like you so

make me over again

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Music for the soul | Reviewer: SongBird | 9/17/13

I Love to hear this song, it reminds you of the unwanted feelings and things you want to change. As a young women I tend to understand people. no matter their lifestyle i just pray for God to help them understand that he will be there no matter what we do or say he is the only, who knows us individually, our heart, and what our desires are. God bless you Tonex, God is in Control.

A Godly inspiration | Reviewer: Micah olatunji | 8/9/13

Oh my God! Tonex, this song is not just a powerful composition, bt its a Godly inspiration to our generation. When ever i play the song through my cell phone, i feel it strongly dat God is making use of the song to speak to me that i need to b closer to him, whether i've been closer or not. Wat an excellent one, by his grace! May the grace of God upon u see u through, n make us over again in Jesus name. I luv u xo much, Tonex. Keep the fire burning. Micah, from Nigeria(+2348100368004)

Perfect | Reviewer: sammine ally | 1/26/13

Thank God, why cos I am almost giving up on God but this song has really minister to me uncle tonex, and I also pray that the will also make me over again, Amen. Thank you bro Tonex.

God bless you | Reviewer: chief kgomokaboya kgaugelo | 11/30/12

bro tonex.this song blessed me physically&spiritually indeed God made me over again from been carnally minded to matured mind in the things of JESUS.This song blessed me indeed.God bless you.

God is Good | Reviewer: Charmaine | 11/26/12

I love this song, I also love the heart you put into it. God sees us all and we are all his chidlren. He will be very pleased with us asking him to make us all over. I already asked and I know its already done! In JESUS NAME AMEN!

a blessing indeed! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/12

we turn to forget who we are at certain instances and keep hurting our Lord Jesus by the things we do. I pray that by this very song(make me over) may our lives change before the coming of the Lord. It is disappointing that we have a dead conscious in a sense that we go to church but the truth to some us just hit us the moment we hear it and after the service we go and do the very same thing we were told not to do. May the Lord help us to be more sensitive to the Spirit(who is always faithful and knows exactly whats in the heart of God) and not the flesh which is leading us to death. May God bless you brother Tonex for such insight in knowing that whenever you act out of the presence that's when you are vulnerable. Psalm 16:11 says " for in His presence are fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore"

Thank you | Reviewer: Nokubonga gumede | 8/26/12

God sent you 2 give us this has touched me and each and every sentence in this song is true.i love God my creator.i hope he will keep on sending u out 2 spread hs word.GOD BLESS YOU!

Lord,make me over | Reviewer: Kalu Blessing | 3/1/12

Hi Tonex, I'm a Nigerian, just left secondary school. I just wanna let you know that this song has touched the deepest parts of my soul making me to want more of Jesus! Thanks for being a blessing to my life. My earnest prayer from now henceforth will be "LORD MAKE ME OVER AGAIN"

over again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

this song is beyond words in its self. i am in trouble, and this song is the only thing that keeps playing in my mind. i pray that God does make me over again. that through the worship and praise that i make, i may be heard. i truly need Him to make me over again.

Driving in a car and the truth hit me. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

Tonex i live in a beautiful place call Barbados, this is the first time i knew who sang this song but i have heard it so many times bit this evening this song hit home while driving home from work and it spoke to the desire that i need God to make me over and as the song progressed my soul thanked the Lord for this timely reminder of how sineful this flesh is. So once again i am asking God to Make Me Over Again. Keep trying to win souls for my Wonderful creator. God bless your ministry

Make me over | Reviewer: Caleb | 8/20/11

Tonex, really this song has touched my life, this song has really taught me to hate my formal life and desire a new and sanctified life. I appreciate God for your life, and i pray that his anointing will rest upon u daily.

MAKE ME OVER AGAIN LORD | Reviewer: Hillaria Phindile Mkansi | 7/20/11

Hi Tonex i must confess that the thing i do i dont want to do it as Paul say in Roman 7 v7 goes basically like this. 'I can see that God's law is good and that I should obey it. But I find that the things I determine I should do I cannot do. I try but I fail. In fact, the very things I don't want to do, those things forbidden in the law, those are the very things I end up doing. If I understand that I have no power to do what I know I should do, but rather I do the things I know I shouldn't, then where am I going to find deliverance from myself? Who's going to deliver me from this body of death? but today i found God to make me over i love this song i wish i can have the CD


Make Me Over Lyrics | Reviewer: jovic | 3/24/11

Hi Tonex i must say this song just made me strong again,i am a worshiper in our Church playing the Piano not Married ,
my wife to be fell pregnant which meant that i had to stop serving i was Destroyed.
i grow up in church so serving God is so Personal to me
Lord Make me over Played a Big Roll in my life i only had it from a cell phone,i felt like worshiping
it made me see how powerful God is i felt him so strong i sow myself serving him again
i wish i could have the albam

God Bless you

make me over | Reviewer: pumulo from zambia | 12/5/10

Tonex the song is deep and rich . i feel like crying cause of it's richness making my life over and stand up to do want God says i should. i need the vidoe for this song or audio so i play it again again . God bless you but the song is rich and i need a copy. you can get on email mobile +260977707394

A True Blessing | Reviewer: Ajani | 8/2/10

This brotha is speaking to a generation of GODS children who don't know who GOD is because of the horrors of this world. The parents and/or elders have forgetten or refuse to understand that they need to open themselves up to speak to the new genaration in a new language, a new way that they can understand, feel & accept willing!