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Kari Rueslatten Make Me A Stone Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:01:50 AM

If I knew you where [sic] coming
I'd be home soon
And if I knew you where [sic] wishing
upon the same moon

I would walk out in the night
to tell you it's allright

Make me a stone
Make me a crown
Make me a child to bare through the storm
who can continue when I'm gone

Make me a tree
under the sea
Where I can climb and fall down
And we can sleep there on the ground

If I knew you where [sic] thinking
- to this one I am bound
And if I knew you where [sic] wishing
you should be on the same ground

Walk out in the night
and tell me it's allright

If I could see the things you see
If I could be inside your head
Would I only do the right things
and would you still be here?