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Woah, woah.

Bang bang go the coffin nails, like a breath exhaled,
Then gone forever.
It seems just like yesterday, how did I miss the red flags raise?

Think back, to the days we laughed.
We braved these bitter storms together.
Brought to his knees he cried,
But on his feet he died.

What God would damn a heart?
What God drove us apart?
What God could

Make it stop?
Let this end.
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It's come to this,
A weightless step.
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On the way down singing,
Woah, woah.

Bang bang from the closet walls,
The schoolhouse halls,
The shotguns loaded.
Push me and I'll push back.
I'm done asking, I demand.
From a nation under God,
I feel it's love like a cattle prod.

Born free, but still they hate.
I'm born me, no I can't change.
It's always darkest just before the dawn.
So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong.

Make it stop.
Let this end,
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It's come to this,
A weightless step.
On the way down singing,
Woah, woah.

The cold river washed him away,
But how could we forget.
The gathering saw candles, but not their tongues.
And too much blood has flown from the wrists,
Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss.
Who will rise to stop the blood?

We're calling for,
Insisting on,
A different beat, yeah.
A brand new song.

Woah, woah. (Tyler Clementi, age 18)
A brand new song
Woah, woah. (Billy Lucas, age 15)
Woah, woah. (Harrison Chase Brown, age 15)
Woah, woah. (Cody J. Barker, age 17)
Woah, woah. (Seth Walsh, age 13)

Make it stop.
Make this end,
This life choose me, i'm not lost in sin
But proud i stand of who i am
I plan to go on living (woah)

Make it stop.
Let this end,
All these years pushed to the ledge.
But proud i stand of who i am
I plan to go on living. (Woah, woah)

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Make it end | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/13

I cried when i heard this song because it brought back memories. I've had two of my closest friends die die at seventeen and sixteen for being gay and bisexual. One committed suicide and the other's father beat him to death. I'm in highschool and im bisexual. My mom doesnt accept me. I've cut and scraped my wrists since fifth grade and i just want all the bullying and criticism to end. Its not up to others to judge you. Just be who you were born to be. We all have to keep our eyes open and help eachother to make it stop.

Shocked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/12

when i actually listened to these lyrics it made alot of sense to me, because these kids were being who they were and they wer tormented for it so as the song goes make it stop. people commit suicide because they feel theres no alternitive... i fell sympathetic towards these kids because they were torented for no reason other than being themselves

This song actually made me cry | Reviewer: Kurt | 12/31/11

I cried the first time I heard this song because it brought back memories of being tormented by others kids for being bisexual.Ive tried to kill myself more than five times because of that.I do not know if I was born straight,bisexual or gay,but one thing I know is that it is something I cannot change and would not want to.So lets end this senseless hatred and Make It Stop...

CRUEL RUDE NASTY... THE LIST NEVER STOPS! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

The saddest thing sbout this is that the people that commit suicide aren't technicaly responsible for their actions... the bullies really are they bully them so much and it just makes them do things like that. I truly feel for anyone being bullied and agree to try to MAKE IT STOP (I'm not a bully myself but you get what I mean by agreeing to try to make it stop!)

If anybody would like to talk. | Reviewer: nukafire | 11/26/11

I hate to make this sound like i'm advertising but if anybody needs to just talk about how they feel or they feel like they are stranded in a world void of feeling or heart then you can talk to me if you would like. My email in case you don't feel like clicking the thing above is

Make it stop | Reviewer: Chelsea | 11/23/11

To Micah it is not God who damns hearts but the people who look into the bible and take their own meaning from it and then force that view on others. The word used in the bible is 'Arsenokoites' which people took to mean homosexuals but was actually translated to mean male prostitutes who acted sexually in roman temples. At the time prostitution was legal and not frowned upon. It was Christian belief that changed the Roman view. From that paticular passage, which I cannot recall, people took that as a stance against homosexuality. It is my belief that people should look into their own religion and actually take time to study it rather than to blindly follow along like sheep.

To those who have faced hardship and bullying because of their differences than know that I know your pain and if there was anything I could do I would. I have tried to take my life numerous times and have survived. Now I'm moving away from people who once bullied me and I am about to publish a book with a friend of mine. So I know that is doesn't seem like it but it does get better.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong.

Great Song, But I disagree | Reviewer: Micah | 11/9/11

I just wanted to say, i love this song, but i don't agree with the meaning. especially the part about "God damning hearts" because thats not true, and i know this sounds cliche, but he doesn't, true he's definitely disappointed, but he still loves you, even when you mess up. And so when I hear this song, i hear a plea for help and that part i agree with.

Make it stop | Reviewer: Make it stop | 10/20/11

I have been bullied all throughout my school life because I have dark rings under my eyes from allergic reactions I'm 17 now and I'm still traumatized I have attempted suicide and have cut myself alot, this song sends a good message to te people who bully others it is hurtful and makes you feel like you don't belong you bully someone enough and they will go over the edge hopefully people start waking up to themselves because it's people like that, that are responsible for a majority of suicides

I Will Stay Awake With You. | Reviewer: Heather | 10/19/11

This is probably one of the most moving songs in the world(in my opinion) because it's TRUE. Although no person should ever have to even THINK about commiting suicide, WE pushed THEM over the edge. Why should this matter, they are their own being, they can be whatever way they want. So many kids at my school make fun of others. "That's gay." It stings me, although im not gay. When a kid makes a racial comment though, everyone goes "OOOOOOO! Guess what he/she just said!" My question, what's the difference? After all, just like the song said, "I'm born me, no i can't change...This life choose me." I will stay awake with you... MAKE IT STOP.

love! | Reviewer: hillary | 10/10/11

I absolutely love this song! I'm not bi or gay but growing up I waS picked on cuz of my name & my hair or my frecles. It was always something with the mean kids. Bullying needs to stop, its not right. I now have a 5 year old son and I don't want him to go through what I went through. <3

Strange really | Reviewer: Tsukkuyomi | 9/28/11

I really have two things to say.
First, I agree that this song can be for anyone who's felt discrimination. I can relate to it despite not being homosexual, though personally I think they're some of the bravest people and all the ones I know are incredible. As a kid, and even up to almost twenty now, I've been picked on and treated like I was a freak for reasons that didn't always make sense. I spent most of my first years of school an outcast who was only able to make friends with other outcasts. I understand the pain of being treated horribly for things you can't always control though my experiences are different. This song, though more obviously meant for those who are disciminated sexually, says exactly what I always wanted; for everyone to stop being so cruel.
The second thing is a little stranger. I wrote a story for a project at school last year, one I worked on technically for two years, and oddly despite just hearing this song a while ago, it fitx perfectly with the story. Especially with the actually homosexual character in it who's boyfriend is killed by being drowned in a river ("The cold river washed him away"). Once more this song actually speaks what I was trying to say in the story; that discrimination, bullying and cruelty of any kind is wrong.

How Many Actually Want It To Stop? | Reviewer: Rokstar9000 (Not hiding my name for a good reason :/) | 9/20/11

I'm a dude who's short, pale, weaker than most guys my age, and like to wear black. The two names thrown at me most are "emo" and "homo" (Honestly I hate all other dudes 0_o is there a term for that?)
I'm one of those people who absorbs everything up to a point. Eventually, it all comes out, be it in anger or misery. People shouldn't label others so harshly just for a look or who they happen to like. I honestly think nowadays some families (no I'm not saying all people who're homophobic are taught by family) and even other kids teach us to hate and fear anyone who's different. (I don't mean all people do, either.)
Maybe it's because I've been on the sharp end of the ugly stick known as bullying or prejudice more often than many people, but I just wish people could give up all these labels and stereotypes. Is it too much to ask for one day where anyone can walk through school halls without any cruel comments and dirty looks?
I honestly feel like (not to sound like a "emo" (still a stereotype applied to people who think and look like me) it's me against the world. How many people actually truly feel like this?
Just a thought


my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/11

it ruly is terrible that anyone has to go through discrimination. ANYONE! to have to live your lifewiht a social burden like thatis terrible. i mean, this song can apply to anyone discriminated against, not just the homosexuals mentioned in the video and maybe the regular song. in fact, its coincedental that i did a current events assignment about the suicide of one of the names mentiopned.

Inspired. | Reviewer: | 8/16/11

I can't believe that some people are so ignorant enough to think that it's a choice. Everyone is born different.
This music video gave me and my girlfriend hope for the future, we're put through so much sh*t because we're different. The thought of suicide was always there. And i knew i would never. but i would be in a way worse place if i never watched the video to this song. it gave me hope, made me feel not alone.


Perfect song. | Reviewer: Jenica | 8/10/11

I love this song so much. I can't read the lyrics or watch the video without balling my eyes out. I love this song so much and it gets stuck in my head too easily. Haha. I'm bi, also and I just got weird looks in school whenever I would kiss my ex girlfriend (who I'm still in love with) and some of them would even freak out and yell at us, but I guess they expected that out of me because I'm known as the crazy girl at school because I literally stabbed my ex boyfriend in the back with a pencil (I had a good reason v.v;; )
Anyways, this song is so inspirational to me. It gives me hope, even things not about homosexuality like bi-polar, OCD, schizophrenia, personality disorder, etc. I've tried taking my life many times and I have a cutting addiction and many scars left on my body (I have a Wiccan pentagram on my thigh. It's my favourite :) ).
Thank you, Rise Against, for making this song. This song just made me love you guys like 1000000x more.

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