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Major Accident Biography

Last updated: 11/17/2007

Your humble narrator would like to say a few words on how it all happened after reading various bullshit accounts on various releases by ex record companies and managers, written by people who neither know nor care.
Let me take you back to the summer of 1977. At 16 years old, Con Larkin had just completed his first month as an apprentice draughtsman and with his first wage bought a Rickenbacker 4001 copy and was able to start playing bass after months of trying on a £5 acoustic spanish guitar with two of the strings removed. He was very much inspired by the likes of The Clash and that same weekend had been to see the Sex Pistols perform at the Rock Garden in Middlesbrough under the guise of Acne Rebel.

Meanwhile, similarly inspired brother Paul, 14, was trying to put together a punk rock band with friends Dave Hammond and the Newnham brothers Craig and Shaun and had got as far as playing 'One Chord Wonders', and 'I Don't Need to Tell her', in Dave's mother's front room with Paul on bass, Dave on guitar, Shaun on vocals and Craig on Drums. Con had got together with some other friends Nell,

Stuart and 'The Grant', to form a band called Insipid, though it never actually got any further than talking about it and getting together to get pissed in the pub.

Back at Paul's motley crew, Shaun fast lost interest in the band, though together with Con, Paul and Craig formed the notorious drinking team 'The Darlo Wildboys',(sic), that's another story in its own right. After deciding that Paul would not be able to play the bass if he practiced until 1999 Con joined forces with them. After all he could just about play 'White Riot', if he missed out the difficult bits, and he owned a bass. It was with this trio that the song