Majesty Albums

  • Reign In Glory Album (8/7/2003)
    Heavy Metal Battlecry
    Into The Stadiums
    Reign In Glory
    Will Of The Cobra
    Defender Of The Brave
    Lord Of The Damned
    Thunder In The Silence
    Troopers Of Steel
    Falcon In The Storm

  • Sword And Sorcery Album (3/22/2002)
    Sword and Sorcery
    Fields Of War
    Heavy Metal
    Epic War
    Ride Silent!
    Fist Of Steel
    Aria Of Bravery
    Metal To The Metalheads
    Ride And Fight

  • Keep It True Album (9/26/2001)
    Keep It True
    Strong As Steel
    Hail To Majesty
    Son Of Metal
    Into The Night
    Metal Force
    We Will Ride
    Last Revolution

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