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Majesty Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:27:21 AM

The Band MAJESTY was formed in the summer of 1997 by Tarek "Metal-son" Maghary (Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals) and Udo Keppner (Guitars).

The two musicians, both 18 years old at that time , knew each other for many years and they both wanted to show the
puplic, what their passion is : Heavy Metal!!

Only a few weeks later they found a suitiable drummer for the band, called Ingo Zadravec (16 years old at that point).
Soon the musicians realiced , that the songs of Tarek "MS" Maghary would even sound better if they would be undermined with keaboard-sounds , so they had to find a keyboarder as soon as possible because the first Live-gigs were on their way.
And they found one , Markus Pruszydlo became the keyboarder of MAJESTY.

But it was already clear at that time , that the keyboard would never be a solo-instrument, it´s only job is, to give the songs an epic touch as a rhythm-instrument; because one thing will always be the most important issue for MAJESTY : loud and wild Heavy Metal !!!

Soon after that , the band decided to record a little Demo-tape on the 8track Cassette Recorder of Tarek.
Because of that and the forthcomming Live gigs, they had to find a bass-player now.

Martin Hehn who played guitar with a Cover-Rockband called "Gatecrash" at that time offered himself to help out on the bass.

After he recorded the Demo and played the first Livegigs , he felt the magic of the band and their songs too and became a permanent member of MAJESTY.

Allot of Livegigs followed and in the winter of 1998 the band recorded another Demo on the 8Tracker , which , allthough it had a low sound quality, sold very well on their Livegigs.

In spring of 1999 Markus left the band , because he was not into the music as much as the others anymore.

Andreas Moll, who played in a band called "Wild Magics" at that time, replaced him and became the new Keyboarder.

At the end of 1999 Tarek decided to club together all his money to go into a studio to professionally produce his compositions.

So MAJESTY recorded their first professional CD called "Keep it true" at the "House of Audio-Studio" in Karlsdorf, Germany.

After the CD was recorded Ingo Zadravec unexpectedly left the band and was replaced by Michael Graeter, a perfect drummer for MAJESTY, in a technical and musical way.

The CD got very good reactions in the press worldwide, e.g in all the big german magazines (ROCK HARD, HEAVY ODER WAS, BREAKOUT, METAL HEART) the reviews were very good. The status of the band got bigger and bigger and MAJESTY was able to play on venues like the Warm Up Gig of the BANG YOUR HEAD 2001 Festival, which is one of the biggest Metal Festivals on the world.

At the end of 2001 MAJESTY signed a record deal with MASSACRE Records and the next album entitled "Sword And Sorcery" will be released on june the 24th 2002.