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It appeared in 1989. Txus is the "soul to mater" of the
group, was he who from a measured of that year went
recruiting to the rest of components. In his first years of
history, Mägo of oz curró a name like group with making
hundreds of concerts by clubs and garitos of Madrid (the
native city of the group). In those first Mägo years of oz
it gained a great reputation within the musical panorama
Madrilenian Heavy, thanks among other things to the
originality that supposes the introduction of a violin in a
priori songs heavies, giving More...

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Review about Mago De Oz songs
lol | Reviewer: Rocio Mendez
    ------ About the song Fiesta Pagana performed by Mago De Oz

This song is clearly about Catholicism. During the Spanish inquisition non Catholics were killed, at the time non Catholics were either Jews or pagans. This song is not necessarily attacking all religion or Christianity in particular but rather the catholic faith and its ridiculousness. I for one think this song is on point with its message, it doesn't take a genius to figure out its about Catholicism (virgen, diezmos, Inquisición
all catholic)

La mejor sin duda alguna! | Reviewer: Ily
    ------ About the song Desde Mi Cielo performed by Mago De Oz

Hoy justamente se la dedique en vida a mi novio, y le dije, si algun dia me voy antes que tu...solo escucha esta cancion, pues te la estare cantando yo desde mi cielo...y si tu te me vas antes, la escuchare pensando en ti...:)

ahahahahahahah!!!!!!! | Reviewer: italiano
    ------ About the song Fiesta Pagana performed by Mago De Oz

I live in the country where the people is still convinced that church and religion are the same l'italia!!!!!!!!! muerte a la ciudad vaticana!!!!!!!!!!

Motivational | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Adios Dulcinea performed by Mago De Oz

This song always carved in my heart it helps me to continue living after my grandgrandmother died... and it alwyas rembers me that she is always up there watching and caring for me...

Mago de oz molinos de viento | Reviewer: Berenice
    ------ About the song Molinos De Viento performed by Mago De Oz

El mago de Oz es la neta por axa bamos a recordar al mago komo 1 granx eroe del rock "TE KIERO MUXO" a toda la banda # 1 del rock no es mundial es ultra mega universal :D :)

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Finisterra performed by Mago De Oz

Awesome song! This song has so many real world references (prior y2k) and has a true message behind it. also love the bands diversity when it comes to adding latin words into their songs, for those that like this song please be sure to understand its meaning and finding its hidden one too.

:D | Reviewer: leo
    ------ About the song Molinos De Viento performed by Mago De Oz

To AFOH- I can't even start to tell you how much of a Dumbass , Idiot , moron you made your self look .dude
I love this song and all of your meanings are really interesting made me look at the song in a totally new way thanks : )

Well | Reviewer: Mykell
    ------ About the song La Rosa De Los Vientos performed by Mago De Oz

That's a great song i live in England but i speak a little of spanish so i search the letter of this song i love this song cause the letter is so true and congratulation to the person who write the letter because in MUSICA.COM isn't correct. :-D

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Molinos De Viento performed by Mago De Oz

An exelent song, Actualy you all have problems with spanish:
disappointment = decepción and desilución (decepción is the common and general form traduction for disappointment
And disillusioned = only desilución (don't go saying i have problems with spanish because i live with it since i was born, there is no language i know better than spanish)
In this AFOH may have a point if he was confused because the song goes with the second meaning of the word, But that doesn't cover the fact that he is a complete idiot that doesn't know how to recognize a good song, AFOH, no matter what you may think you obviously don't like good msic at all, maybe pure bullshit like you.
For the guy that says that everyone is wrong because it is all based on the book from cervantes, you have part of reason, but the song is deeper than that, the rest of the people's analisis is right, if you don't believe me go ask mago de oz, or at least pay attention when they are talking about their songs in the interviews, almost all of their songs have meaning, some are bullshit like AFOH said but the big part are really great songs, specially this one.

One last thing, AFOH you have such little mind, recognising metaphores, paraboles etc is piece of cake, to catch the real meaning of them is the real deal, because it can have multiple meanings, also take a look at the connections between paragraphs, you will notice a lot more about this song meaning and it's greatness, if even with that you still think the same, well, i feel sorry for you dude, music is evidently not for you, i wonder how many times you got insulted like this because of your stupid comments because evidently you don't know a bit about music...

Come ON people... | Reviewer: Gabriel
    ------ About the song Molinos De Viento performed by Mago De Oz

Are you forgeting the TRUE purpose of the song. It's not just part of Don Quijote, it's about Romaticism. It's about being free, about feeling emotions, not just having them. It's about that which we all want: Freedom from other peoples eyes. To be yourself without judgement. THAT'S what this song is about. Can't you just undestand that and shut up. And if you don't like the song, DON'T COMMENT, IT HAS NO USE HERE. HELL I don't like the vidoe at ALL, do you see mee complainting? Instead of just reading the lyrics and analysing them, why can't we just feel what they mean?

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