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J. J. Cale Magnolia Lyrics

Last updated: 08/22/2013 06:11:57 AM

Whippoorwill's singing
Soft summer breeze
Makes me think of my baby
I left down in New Orleans
I left down in New Orleans
Magnolia, you sweet thing
You're driving me mad
Got to get back to you, babe
You're the best I ever had
You're the best I ever had
You whisper "Good morning"
So gently in my ear
I'm coming home to you, babe
I'll soon be there
I'll soon be there

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J.J. Cale The Best Show I Never Saw | Reviewer: Robert | 8/22/13

In 1989 J.J. performed in Dayton, OH at this little dive named Canal Street Tavern. I convinced my sister and her husband to go.
My friend Gary Simpson also came. Before the concert started Gary went outside passed out hitting his head on the bumper of a parked car. He broke his jaw and lost several teeth. While I should have been at the concert I was at Miami Valley Hospital.

My sister and her husband, who before that night, had never heard of J.J. Cale needless to say they were blown away.

I still have the ticket stub that J.J. signed and wrote "sorry you missed the show."

J.J. My favorite all time music artist. | Reviewer: Bobby Carolan | 8/13/12

Almost certainly the most underrated and unappreciated artist of our generation. If I had to throw out all 2,000+ albums I own but one, J.J.'s "Naturally" would be the one I would cling to!

JJC | Reviewer: Jim Ragsdale | 2/18/11

I first saw JJ Cale in 1974 at the University of Kentucky and was sold from the first note. He doesn't know me, never hear of me, and probably never will, but four kids and 34 some odd years later, he's still the best.

Magnolia - A Beautiful Song... | Reviewer: Virginia McKean | 1/19/08

Magnolia is a very special and beautiful song to me because it brings back some wonderful memories of a very special person in my life and our times in New Orleans some years ago.

Magnolia is performed beautifully by JJ Cale - so sultry, smooth, sexy and southern!!