Magna-Fi Lyrics

Mike Szuter: vocals/guitar
C.J. Szuter: lead guitar
Rob Kley: bass
Charlie Smaldino: drums

When the Las Vegas-based quartet of hard and heavy
alt-rockers known as Magna-Fi opened for Puddle Of Mudd at
The Joint at The Hard Rock in late 2003, the Las Vegas Sun
called them "the show's chief revelation." The paper added,
"The band served up its brand of thunderous music with
great energy, sounding more like the future of heavy rock
than its past."

The not-so-long but adventurously winding road to that
destiny-and the birth of More...

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Lyrics | Reviewer: Arraki
    ------ About the song All Hail Shadow performed by Magna-Fi

I've just read through these and I've found many errors. I'll submit the correct ones later. The instrumental is actually before where it is stated here, and what is before it now isn't even after the instrumental. As I said, I will correct them later.

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