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Magic Biography

Last updated: 04/12/2001 04:33:54 AM

Awood Johnson, known by stage name Mr. Magic, is a New Orleans hip hop artist, who first worked the city's underground circuit, before signing with Master P's No Limit Records label thanks to the mogul's brother, C-Murder. Magic met C-Murder at a party and impressed him with his rapping ability. Magic was intended to become part of TRU, but Master P insisted that he instead rap on the parent label with a broader fan base. The relationship came to a bitter end after most of the other original No Limit artists had already left, and Magic has since spoken out bitterly against Master P and his business practices. Magic is currently a member of Body Head Bangerz, a rap group founded by Roy Jones, Jr.

Magic proudly hails from the Ninth Ward of New Orleans and is often touted as "Mr. Ninth Ward." He popularized the initials "CTC", which stand for "cross-the-canal," referring to the Industrial Canal, which runs through the 9th Ward.

On July 24, 2006, it was announced that Magic had secured a deal with TVT Records, and will come out with a new album, entitled Before & After in 2007

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