Magellan Albums

  • Age of Impact Album
    Impact 1 - Fate Speaks
    Impact 2 - Fading Fast
    Impact 3 - No Returning
    Impact 4 - Time Enough
    Impact 5 - Last Call

  • Test Of Wills Album (5/5/1997)
    A Social Marginal
    Walk Fast, Look Worried
    Test of Wills
    Bully Pulpit (part 1)
    Preaching the Converted
    Critic's Carnival

  • Impending Ascension Album (5/1/1995)
    Estadium Nacional
    Waterfront Weirdos
    Virtual Reality
    No Time For Words
    Storms And Mutiny
    Under The Wire

  • Hour Of Restoration Album (9/24/1991)
    Magna Carta
    The Winner
    Friends Of America
    Union Jack
    Another Burning
    Just One Bridge
    Breaking these circles
    Turning Point

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