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Capitol Records

Dave Elkins–singer/guitar | Jacob Marshall–drums | Zach
Gehring–guitar | Mark Padgett–bass | Rob Sweitzer–keyboard

We've all had that moment.

Maybe it comes after a long day of work, or during your
trying commute home. You turn on the radio and, at first,
nothing grabs you. But then, a song emerges that can make
everything stand still. It could be "Today" by the Smashing
Pumpkins or "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2. But
whatever the case, as the music kicks in and the guitars
lurch forward, you have More...

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Review about Mae songs
After we came back... | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Sun performed by Mae

The first time I heard this song was before a trip I made with my ex- boyfriend... And after we came back we broke up...This song pulls me up every time I feel sad... and I know is a sad song but the feeling is great!!!

mae- sun- lyrics | Reviewer: phil
    ------ About the song Sun performed by Mae

i first heard this band when i was 7 in a little corner shop, since then ive had a whole new perspective on music, its helped me through tough times and helped me with my gcse music,

10/10 song right here..., for ever singing,

i want this song playing at my funeral

RpXWyUtlIxqP | Reviewer: Diego
    ------ About the song This Is The Countdown performed by Mae

the word fun six times this esodipe, surely you can do better than that! (although a blast came in at a close second!)5:17-5:35 Check out the fantastic faces that Holly's pulls!Great video series!

i think isn't just about a suicide | Reviewer: emmanuel
    ------ About the song Tisbury Lane performed by Mae

it is just easy to think in suicide when you read: Please don't give up when it's easy
Don't you know that me and Jesus will cheer you on?...this can make you think about a suicide but also is about any sad or hard situation or when you are in a trouble (love drama, sadness, etc) and the writer is trying to say: "don't give up everything is going to be ok"

(: | Reviewer: alex
    ------ About the song Tisbury Lane performed by Mae

this song makes me think of this guy who likes me currently even though i have a boyfriend. I know it hurts him to like me and i know i'm the problem he's facing. He also wants to go to the Army so the phrase "Will you come back?
It's all she wants to know She knows she's part of the problem too" really speaks to me. either way this is an amazing song and i love it.

bestfriend problems | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Sun performed by Mae

I actually am having a hard time with my bestfriend, so this song really speaks out to me. I cry when I hear this song, because it just.. speaks the truth. I can't tell her how hard this whole dilemma is to me, and I don't think I can ever tell her how much it hurts. So to that, I'm sorry.

Lovely... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tisbury Lane performed by Mae

I want my husband to learn the chords and sing it for me, lol, he's a worship pastor and this song relates to our original dating situation....which was, in need of a miracle and I was the girl wondering if he'd come back and also the girl who knew she was part of the problem too... (we had premarital sex... :(....) God redeemed our relationship and gave us a new beginning though!
God BLessss!

Extraordinary | Reviewer: Anjell
    ------ About the song The Sun And The Moon performed by Mae

This band, as well as this music, are something you don't find often in music anymore. The emotional level is higher than any music I've ever heard. They put actual thought and feeling into their songs, which is the most important thing.

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Embers And Envelopes performed by Mae

This song reminds me of all the times me and my ex girlfriend would hang out and waist time together. its a beautiful song but its like what the lyrics say "broken is hard to fix" usually you cant fix them at all. That was her mistake trying to fix something thats was already broken.

Suicide. | Reviewer: r
    ------ About the song Tisbury Lane performed by Mae

That's what it's about. suicide.
That's why they'd come in to beat her down,
she's worried if it goes wrong,
Jesus is there for her even at rock bottom,
No one knows how she feels,
she's too tired,

she's heartbroken.

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