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Rush Madrigal Lyrics

Last updated: 05/30/2011 11:00:00 AM

When the dragons grow too mighty
To slay with pen or sword
I grow weary of the battle
And the storm I walk toward
When all around is madness
And there's no safe port in view
I long to turn my path homeward
To stop a while with you

When life becomes as barren
And as cold as winter skies
There's a beacon in the darkness
In a distant pair of eyes
In vain to search for honor
In vain to search for truth
But these things can still be given
Your love has shown me proof

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Hope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/11

I love this song. Also, try RIVENDEL from fly by night and TEARS from 2112...two more rush songs not given their due. But I'm glad it gave you good memories of your dear friends kindness. The best songs should do that

Reminds me of something... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/11

Is it just me, or does the first part of the verse sound remarkably similar to "Presentation" from 2112? when the lyrics come in, try singing "i know it's most unusual to come before you so..." it's almost a perfect match.

wow | Reviewer: Dean | 4/1/11

Was listening to Farewell to Kings while cleaning today. Forgot about this song probably did not listen to it for 20 or more years. It reminded me of a dear friend that has helped me so much through some tough times recently and gave me a gift more valuable than gold. Hope.

Madrigal is magical...if but a bit short! | Reviewer: Kirk Bradford Myers | 6/11/10

On of the most beautiful songs Rush has ever written, romantic without being overly corny and never losing sight of Neil Peart's superior lyrical prowess. Just one problem,'s too short! I know space for vinyl records was limited back in the 70's, but come on now. Honestly, I think it would have been worth it to drop the comparatively inferior "Cinderella Man" from "A Farewell To Kings" to clear out the space to give this song the due it truly deserved.