Madonna Albums

  • MDNA Album (3/26/2012)
    Girl Gone Wild
    Gang Bang
    I'm Addicted
    Turn Up The Radio
    Give Me All Your Luvin'
    Some Girls
    I Don't Give A
    I'm A Sinner
    Love Spent
    Falling Free
    Bonus Tracks
    Beautiful Killer
    I Fucked Up
    B-Day Song
    Best Friend
    Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix)

  • Hard Candy Album (4/29/2008)
    Candy Shop
    4 Minutes
    Give It 2 Me
    Miles Away
    She's Not Me
    Beat Goes On
    Dance 2night
    Spanish Lesson
    Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

  • Confessions On A Dancefloor Album (11/17/2005)
    Hung Up
    Get Together
    Future Lovers
    I Love New York
    Let It Will Be
    Forbidden Love
    How High
    Like It Or Not

  • Remixed & Revisited Album (11/25/2003)
    Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix)
    Love Profusion (Headcleanr Rock Mix)
    Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Old School Mix)
    American Life (Headcleanr Rock Mix)
    Like A Virgin / Hollywood Medley (featuring Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears & Missy Elliott) (Live)
    Into The Hollywood Groove (featuring Missy Elliott) (The Passengerz Mix)
    Your Honesty

  • American Life Album (4/22/2003)
  • Music Album (8/29/2000)
  • Ray Of Light Album (3/3/1998)
  • Something To Remember Album (11/7/1995)
  • Bedtime Stories Album (10/25/1994)
  • In The Beginning Album (2/1/1994)
  • Erotica Album (10/20/1992)
  • I'm Breathless Album (5/1/1990)
  • Immaculate Collection Album (2/1/1990)
  • Like A Prayer Album (2/1/1989)
  • True Blue Album (7/7/1987)
  • Like A Virgin Album (7/7/1987)
  • You Can Dance Album (2/1/1987)
  • Madonna Album (2/1/1983)

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    Reviews about Madonna albums
    one of her very first albums that made her a star | Reviewer: mr n cook
        ------ About the album Like A Virgin performed by Madonna

    this superb album put this women on the pop charts of the eighties a superb album without a doubt superb excellent album really made her aworld superstar definetly a outstanding album she is still a great artiste.

    An Underrated Classic | Reviewer: A Fan
        ------ About the album Erotica performed by Madonna

    Musically, Madonna's career is pretty much divided by this album. There's Madonna before EROTICA and Madonna after. Some consider LIKE A PRAYER to be her best while others regard RAY OF LIGHT. Most recently, CONFESSIONS has been considered her most recent best. Lets not forget the holy trilogy of Madonna's first three albums, MADONNA, LIKE A VIRGIN and TRUE BLUE. For me however, EROTICA is Madonna's moment. I love this period in Madonna's incarnation. The sass, style, lyrics, mood, sexiness, vulnerability, and "f-you" attitude of EROTICA is like no other album. The title track "Erotica" is almost scary in its aggression, and is infectious in it's beat. (Co-Producer Shep Pettibone is a god-see also "Vogue" and "Rescue Me.") The remake of "Fever" is sexy and modern and fits in so well on the album that I have to remind myself it's not a Madge original. Tracks like "Bye-Bye Baby" and "Thief of Hearts" and "Words" are personal, funny, and catty in a way that makes me sit back and think- Wow, even Madonna is defensive, jealous, and hurts when her relationships get messed up...hmm maybe Madonna is human. "Deeper and Deeper" is her most underrated dance floor classic (and should have been included the 2009 hits collection CELEBRATION). "Rain" and "Bad Girl" are ballads that were over-shadowed (like all the singles from this album) by the SEX book. Tracks like "Waiting," "Where Life Begins" and "Secret Garden" are seemingly secret gems, hidden and completely ignored. They are funky, jazzy, smooth, R&B flavored, piano driven treats (Co-Producer Andre Betts proved to be a god in his own right as well.) Madonna encourages us to remember what's important with the serious "In This Life" and "Why's It So Hard." From the opening 7 seconds of surface noise on the title track through to the extended piano break that ends "Garden," nothing touches the EROTICA album. For me it's Madonna at her best.

    you can dance | Reviewer: anthony
        ------ About the album You Can Dance performed by Madonna

    bought this album way back when it was 1st released and loved it for the reason being it was madonna at her best and extended it was more madonna for your money later on i bought it again on cd and still have it to this day and still enjoy listening to it now madonna needs to do more remixed albums has this is what she is good at they just leave you wanting more long live the queen !!!!!!!!!!!

    about ray of light | Reviewer: monni
        ------ About the album Ray Of Light performed by Madonna

    I have this album since last year and it;s very spiritual to me.Single RAY OF LIGHT/the bluest sky,sunshine,u can fly across the universe the world is zours... it;s perfect in every way the music and the lyrics
    Power of good bye,To have and not to hold,Frozen,Nothing really matters,Swim
    my favorite SKY FITS HEAVEN and MER GIRL

    Madonna ditches Warner with an attitude | Reviewer: simon
        ------ About the album Hard Candy performed by Madonna

    lets face it - if it weren't for justin timberlake, 4 minutes wouldn't have made it past the top 10, ditto for the album hard candy.
    funny thing is - the songs are not that bad - but the production is terrible.
    not sure what the fuss was about around timberlake, timbaland and pharell, but if this is what they call good production...
    give it to me is the only decent song - and the rest can be buried and forgotten
    even the remixes are not that good
    candy shop would've been a great song if it wasn't for the overly downplayed raw production.
    i just can't wait to here what the next album will sound like and sincerely hope she goes back to experimenting with new talent rather than teaming up with overrated producers who neither gave her a new sound not honored her talent and creativity.
    if american life flopped for all the wrong reasons, Hard candy flopped for all the right ones.
    a "can avoid' - especially for hard core fans

    madonna at her best | Reviewer: zaisim
        ------ About the album American Life performed by Madonna

    if this album was released by some new artist, it would have made it big. its just that Madonna has been a target for so long and finally America got the chance they've always been waiting for.
    except for die another day, there isn't a single compromise on this album - be it the tunes, the lyrics or the intensity.
    the arrangements are raw yet so charismatic and if this album got the airplay it deserved and the recognition its worthy of, I think madonna would have redefined music as we now it.
    but since she's a lady who wants to rule the world, she decided to tag along the mainstream wagon for a little longer waiting for the right time to drop another gem like this one.
    this was her attempt at honest & fresh pop - and the world tour that followed showed how down to earth madonna wanted to be - but we killed that opportunity for her, hence the return of a disco queen with Confessions on a Dance floor.
    hope you're happy america :)

    Madonna is young and hip | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Confessions On A Dancefloor performed by Madonna

    Have been listening to the album non-stop, random play, repeat one, and all that. Encouraged me to put my stereo together so I can pump it.

    Madonna is 50 yes. This is not relevant to her work or the production as she has consistently produced avant garde work and uses the very best people to produce real dance music. The advantage of age is that she was there every time. From studio 54 to now, and there are a lot of fun references to testify to her history and truth.
    I cannot deny, we are the same age and I have "been there" too. Hardcore laneway warehouse dance clubs since the day. This one disk is a sure collector and would be more than suitable on 12" singles with all the remixing and so forth. Yeah, I really like it and her.

    dancefloor1 | Reviewer: chantelle smith
        ------ About the album Confessions On A Dancefloor performed by Madonna

    I really like the album you have. which is called confessions on dance floor i love the forbiben love you should do the video to the song you are areally pretty women and i wish i was that pretty

    confessions on a dance floor...madonna | Reviewer: kimberly jacko
        ------ About the album Confessions On A Dancefloor performed by Madonna

    hung up was my favourite song from this cd ,but love madonna,and was a hit for me and my friends,i will always love madonna whatever she does.keep rocking madonna...kimberly.

    confessions on a dance floor | Reviewer: alvin necan
        ------ About the album Confessions On A Dancefloor performed by Madonna

    madonna still rocks,and will rock until the end of time ,like being touched for the very first time......rocksteady loves madonna.

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