Madness Lyrics

Madness were a British ska band of the 1980s.

Ska music became popular in the United Kingdom at the end
of the 1970s, and one of its most popular proponents was
the band Madness. The band was formed by Mike Barson
(Monsieur Barson), Chris Foreman (Chrissy Boy) and Lee
Thompson (Kix) in 1976, under the name The North London
Invaders. They were joined in 1978 by front-man Graham
McPherson (Suggs), Mark Bedford (Bedders), Karl (Chas
Smash) and Danniel Woodgate (Woody), and after performing
for a while as the Invaders changed their name More...

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Review about Madness songs
love the song and love madness | Reviewer: judith
    ------ About the song It Must Be Love performed by Madness

still going strong after all this time, love this song, it was a radio request for me the day before i had my youngest daughter who is 30 now, still brings back happy memories still love hearing it :)

Madness is awesome - "It must be love" | Reviewer: Eddie
    ------ About the song It Must Be Love performed by Madness

Great song! I listened to this song when I was with my first love - lyrics says it all. And 20+ years later my first love and I are reuniting - and this song brings back the best of the best memories..."It must be love"!!!

One Better Day | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One Better Day performed by Madness

A minor Madness classic, lovely melody and touching, understated lyrics. For all non-North Londoners, Arlington House is a large homeless shelter in Camden Town, London. Not all songs about homelessness need to be crass and patronizing. Phil Collins, please take note.

Nutty heaven | Reviewer: Colin reynolds
    ------ About the song Nutty Theme performed by Madness

Says what it does on the tin , once your a addict to madness everything else sounds bad !
Best band on the planet IMHO.

And I live and breath them and this song sums my feelings up in a nutshell :)

classic tune! | Reviewer: pete mahoney
    ------ About the song Sunday Morning performed by Madness

song always reminds me of an circa 1982/3 sunday morning living in greenford.
day before going back to another week of crappy middle school, looking out the front window and the greenford suburbs, no traffic , people mowing the 1 meter square patch of tiny front lawn, people walking back from church, smell of sunday roast beef in the air, wondering how best to kill a day which your parents and your brothers all have a lay-in! then after all the fun knocking around a duff football in the dog poo for goalposts local park, tv of 'surprise surprise' and fatally ends with bullseye on tv - the death knell of the weekend and final realisation that you have to get up for school in the morning!

Review Of The Song And Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Girl performed by Madness

I think that this is a great song!
Can't get enough of it.
Only complaint is that the song is abit too short lol.
Lyrics are amazingly written by Madness and very well typed on here by whoever done it :)

CORRECT Tarzan's Nuts Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tarzan's Nuts 7 performed by Madness

Just correcting my last email. These are 100% correct

Hey you seen Jane?
No man
OK I'll catch a train
A train you'll wait a long time
No way I'll catch a vine
What that's a root?
No man it's a fruit.
So,Give me a bite.
No, I'll save it for tonight

IT must be love a great song | Reviewer: gary
    ------ About the song It Must Be Love performed by Madness

Yes what a song by Madness-lyrical, good words and a good tune-nice piano work-particularly significant as it was played for my future wife while she and her friends listened toIt must be love, on afternoon radio as I requested this song for her! So after 25 years it still must be love!!

Love Struck | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lovestruck performed by Madness

You know when you sing along to a song and get all the words wrong - you make up what it sounds like - well with this classic you THINK you are singing the wrong words, cos they are unbelievable - then you find out you were right all along. No one has followed Madness yet.

Tarzan's Nuts | Reviewer: Zephyr Lopez Cervilla
    ------ About the song Tarzan's Nuts 7 performed by Madness

Hey you seen jane?
No man, ok I'll catch the train
Can you wait a long time?
No, we gotta catch a flight
Well, that's roots man
No man it's a fruit
So give my stone, I'll save it for tonight

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