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Maddi Jane is a talented young singer who was born in September 4, 1998. Maddi Jane has been singing since she was a little girl. Maddi Jane became famous after uploading her covers of songs by famous artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. At the time of this writing, the talented young singer's YouTube channel 'maddijanemusic' has attracted over 165 million total upload views, and it has over 480,000 subscribers. Because of her achievements, Maddi Jane was invited to be a guest on Ellen Degeneres Show last year. In the show, Maddi Jane performed a song titled "Breakeven."
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maddi jane biography

Maddi Jane is actively using a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. The talented young singer has gotten over 500,000 Facebook fans. Other than building her fan base online, Maddi Jane also encourages her fans to send traditional mail to her Nashville P.O. Box address. Because of her online popularity, her name is in the Billboard Social 50 chart. The people listed on Billboard's Social 50 chart are ranked based on their popularity on leading social networking sites such as YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike. Some of the things that are being used to calculate the score and determine the rank in Billboard's Social 50 chart are weekly additions of fans or followers, song plays, and page views. At the time of this writing, Maddi Jane is in number 41, topping some of the most famous names in the music industry such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Buble, and Avenged Sevenfold.

In her introductory video on YouTube, Maddi Jane announced that she is currently recording her first original song. It seems that the recording of her first original song kept her busy, but Maddi Jane still managed to upload a new video to her channel on November 2011. It is a video of her, covering Taylor Swift's "If This Was a Movie."

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Awesome | Reviewer: Ishan Binod | 4/10/14

I'm from India so here we listen to a lot of hindi(language) songs but I'm mostly interested in English ones so I quietly listen to on youtube . While I was browsing I saw your videos , they are the best your voice is awesome and whenever I'm alone in the house I always listen to your songs . Keep it up

Yeah Dude | Reviewer: Your BIGGEST Fan in The WORLD | 4/6/14

Hey Maddi,you SO Rock This world. I am one of your biggest fans in the world. Other people r fab but u r like The Queen of The World or something. U so rock this world. Ur AWESOME!!!

You've given me hope | Reviewer: Jade Putic | 4/3/14

You are magnificnt Maddi, your the reason why I have the courage to sing infront of the crowd..and now that I will be entering college I will not b shy to sing.

Keep it up Maddi..when time comes that u might visit diz page I juz want u 2 know dat even though how popular u r..always remembr 2 thank God and keep ur feet on d ground.

I aM iN LoVe WiTh U | Reviewer: Saran (Ryogoe Killer) | 4/3/14

I Love Your Voice. I love u tooo. I Have Many girlfriend. But I like Only U. I thik I am in Love With u. I saw your every video and I Love your every Video.I am 16 years. I Love U very much. My Facebook id is My Phone no is 9813039589.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 U MADDI JANE ......... :) *_* :/ :O

wonderfulness of you! | Reviewer: eldini Indonesian | 3/30/14

hi maddi! im indonesian maddians,you're so amazing young singer...i love all of yours,thanks god for your kindness to attend maddi in the world.just like you i'm 15th too. :)
in indonesian,kamu luar biasa! <3 -hope your attend here

I like your voice | Reviewer: Bila | 3/30/14

Hello Maddi! Iam Bila, your fan from Indonesia. I love your voice. Its very cool.. you are pretty girl too. I have many friends. And they're like your song! I hope, oneday you can come in indonesia.
Keep singing alot...

I aM iN LoVe WiTh U | Reviewer: Saran | 3/31/14

I have saw your every Video. U are very beautiful.I saw your first video rolling in the deep.I love your Voice then slowly i saw your every video. O love u very Much .I am Nepali. I live in Kathmandu (Buspark).My name is Saran Gurung.I am 15 years old. My fb id is ( I only love Maddi Jane. I love u maddi..

Amazing! | Reviewer: Benedict | 3/23/14

Amazing voice everytime I go on Youtube I always search your name !!! and I don't search other singer or others songs and I always search all of your songs that's why I love your voice and your songs :) You are so Talented :)

Astonishing | Reviewer: Keanu Jullrey L. Flores | 3/20/14

We all know that there are so many little girl who can sing but only MADDI JAnE who can sing like you are in HEAVEN and she is the best girl i ever SEEN in YOUTUBE!! KEEP up the GOOD WORK MADDI JANE !! as we all say NEVER GIVE UP waht ever the OBSTACLES or PROBLEMS in life!!! You'r the only ONE AND #1 FAN!!! PLEASE have a CONCERT here in PHILLIPINES!!!

Fan of Maddi | Reviewer: Cristina | 2/23/14

Omg maddi am so happy for u!! I never have herd someone that sings like that and so young,well am 15 to but, your voice it's just so amazing. keep it up and good luck !!!! wish u the best :)

Cool | Reviewer: Fluffykitten | 2/8/14

Hi how was it when u first went on the big stage in front of all those people? I love your voice I think u are amazing singer my I love all cool songs I all so love djs music as well!

Fan of Maddi | Reviewer: Lov4music | 1/26/14

shes soo amazin i love u....(her voice). Lol im 12 and i sing a BIT like her. My birthday is on December 25th 2001. Shes only 3 years older than me. But i love her voice and im proud that i can kinda sing like her!!!! TYSM ❤❤❤❤❤♡♡♡♡♡❤❤❤❤❤♡♡♡♡♡❤❤❤❤❤

I love you! | Reviewer: maddijane#1fan | 1/21/14

Maddi Jane you are the best singer ever and you inspire me! I like be to sing and I want it go to one of your concerts. I would love to just talk to you. On Pandora all of the songs that you sing are my favorites!

your voice rocks | Reviewer: carolina | 1/17/14

hello i just saw you on youtube and i was so excited when you sang again from flyleaf which was awesome!!!!!!! i hope that you're in good hands and that your life will always depend on your beautiful voice!
will always wish you well
i will listen to always and wish you luck on every concert and also when you're not in concert!

fan of yours | Reviewer: mia | 1/15/14

Hi maddi jane I'm ur no 1 fan from phil. The first time I watch ur music video "BARRICADE" I'm so amaze to ur voice . I always watch ur music video and I like ur voice u amaze me . I hope we will meet sometimes . Pls make a concert on philippine . I really want to see and meet u in personal ..

Plss make a concert on philippine .. I realy like and love ur voice especially I love u

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