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Maddi Jane is a talented young singer who was born in September 4, 1998. Maddi Jane has been singing since she was a little girl. Maddi Jane became famous after uploading her covers of songs by famous artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. At the time of this writing, the talented young singer's YouTube channel 'maddijanemusic' has attracted over 165 million total upload views, and it has over 480,000 subscribers. Because of her achievements, Maddi Jane was invited to be a guest on Ellen Degeneres Show last year. In the show, Maddi Jane performed a song titled "Breakeven."
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maddi jane biography

Maddi Jane is actively using a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. The talented young singer has gotten over 500,000 Facebook fans. Other than building her fan base online, Maddi Jane also encourages her fans to send traditional mail to her Nashville P.O. Box address. Because of her online popularity, her name is in the Billboard Social 50 chart. The people listed on Billboard's Social 50 chart are ranked based on their popularity on leading social networking sites such as YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike. Some of the things that are being used to calculate the score and determine the rank in Billboard's Social 50 chart are weekly additions of fans or followers, song plays, and page views. At the time of this writing, Maddi Jane is in number 41, topping some of the most famous names in the music industry such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Buble, and Avenged Sevenfold.

In her introductory video on YouTube, Maddi Jane announced that she is currently recording her first original song. It seems that the recording of her first original song kept her busy, but Maddi Jane still managed to upload a new video to her channel on November 2011. It is a video of her, covering Taylor Swift's "If This Was a Movie."

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inspiration | Reviewer: jhoijhie | 7/30/14

I dont know if maddi would really read all the posts...
But I just want to say you are really amazing...
You inspired everyone ... including me...
But although I dont have any talents YET..
But I do have passion for music...
You inspired each one of us to never give up in our dreams..
I love your music especially your voice...
Keep up the good work
we really appreciate you....
And I am the same birthday as you are....

I hope you could visit philippines ..
But I unfortunately cant go because I dont know if I can...
Manila's so far from where I live
But the thought of you visiting philippines would really mean a lot to me...

Thank you | Reviewer: April | 7/14/14

Thank you maddi jane you are a good singer and helped me to always follow my dreams and now i am i have been doing the samething you are at a young age :)

I love your videos as much as I wanna meet you XD | Reviewer: Cha-Tay Yang (Issac) | 7/10/14

Hi Maddi, I hope you could read this. I'm a Taiwanese person and for now may be the only one that found your amazing voice in Youtube. I really want to go to your concert or meet you there. But this is my first time doing this so I have no idea how to start...You gave me a power to go foward to music XD THANK YOU

Maddijanerocks !;) | Reviewer: Geraldine palo | 7/9/14

Hi ms. Maddi Jane . When I have something to search in the Internet I always download your videos and listen to them. I love to look your beautiful pictures. I hope you can have a concert here in the philippines. Many fans are waiting for you . I hope . I hope . Go maddi Jane :)))))

The Beautiful Maddi :) | Reviewer: Reymar Garmay | 7/3/14

Your the great singer ever :) you are may super idol . i wish i could see you in person \m/ You rock !! wohooo :D

-Hoping you would come in the philippines

take care and god bless you always, give you more blessings in your career and also to your family, I AM A BIG FAN OF YOURS :)

wow | Reviewer: Haily | 6/28/14

Maddi Jane you are AMAZING i just started listening to your covers this year and holly crap when i heard your voice i was amazed!!!! I love singing and when i heard you sing that just made me want to become better!!! But i knew that i would never be as good as you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MADDI'S admirer... | Reviewer: Irish M... ^_^ | 6/28/14

I really admire you Maddi Jane...I like your songs esp. the "barricade"....wishing to meet you someday...

I'm Irish Maranga.13 years old.From Mindanao,Philippines...

some love | Reviewer: ridho meinaidi oma | 6/7/14

I have saw your every Video. U are very beautiful.I saw your first video falling to pieces .I love your Voice then slowly i saw your every video. O love u very Much .I am ridho. I live in indonesia (Bandar Lampung).My name is Ridho Meinaidi Oma.I am 14 years old. My fb id is ( I only love Maddi Jane. I love u maddi..

Maddians Fan | Reviewer: Lovelyn Godinez | 6/5/14

Hi, Maddi Jane. I'm from the Philippine, Cebu City, I wish you can come her someday, because I love all your song, like Jar of Hearts that's my favorite song from you. And continue singing and uploading videos, and someday you will be professional singer. I'm Lovelyn Godinez, 15 years old.

*_*== Love you Maddi Jane ==*_*

Good luck.... from your upcoming cover songs... <3

Title...? | Reviewer: Hazel | 5/9/14

I just wanna say that the other posts sound really creepy... She's 15 years old, guys. A talented young singer who is just doing what she loves. "I'm in Love with you" is a little creepy.

But I'd like to say that I found a playlist on Spotify that had a bunch of covers. At the time, and still is, one of my favourite songs was on the list, Breakeven. By Maddi Jane. I played the song and the album picture showed a seemed young girl, so I looked it up and am amazed at how you grew to 'fame'. :) On the Ellen Show, all through Youtube and such.

Really neat, just wanted to say you're really talented and I love the cover of Breakeven and Rolling in the Deep. :)

A soul booster singer... Simple Amazing... | Reviewer: Felizardo Bello | 5/9/14

To start with, I really dont know that there is a singer maddi jane, until I copied 1 of my friends music video, titled (Maddi Jane - Rolling in the deep - Adele) after listening and watching it, wow!!! It was sooooo stunning... so i keep on researching who is Maddi Jane...

She is AMAZING....

love u foreverrrr | Reviewer: Tom tripzz | 5/3/14

I know atleast a day u would fall this site.......I really love ur songss..... n Iam fully n lovewithyou.......may good god bless u.. n may i get an avatar of u at futureee........BOL

From The OnE YoU DoN'T KnOw | Reviewer: Jesus Gonzales | 5/2/14


Love you maddi | Reviewer: Paolo | 4/26/14

I don't know if you're ever gonna read this but if you do, PLEASE come to philippines. I'm your biggest fan in the philippines. I really like to see you in person. You're voice is so amazing. Your song "Barricade" is the best.

Love you Maddi and I wish that I could really see you in person.♥️♥️♥️

Awesome | Reviewer: Ishan Binod | 4/10/14

I'm from India so here we listen to a lot of hindi(language) songs but I'm mostly interested in English ones so I quietly listen to on youtube . While I was browsing I saw your videos , they are the best your voice is awesome and whenever I'm alone in the house I always listen to your songs . Keep it up

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