Mactatus Albums

  • Suicide Album (3/22/2002)
    Dead And Alive
    Epilogue-The Tale Of The Psychotic
    The Whisperers
    Sanctity In Murdere
    Language Of Disloyalty
    Bringer Of Silence
    To Distance Death From Life
    Measurment Of Discipline
    Concluding Act Of Violence
    Broken Dreams Of Death

  • The Complex Bewitchment Album (3/22/2000)
    Ornament Of Pettiness
    Another Dimension
    The Passage (To The Kingdom Of No Return)
    Speak The Word Of The Winds
    With Excellence
    Iron Handed
    Complexity In Vain
    Dance Of Might

  • Provenance Of Cruelty Album (3/22/1999)
    Draped In Shadows Of Satan's Pride
    King Of The Dark Side
    Sleepless Souls
    The Emperor's Trial
    En Trone Vevd Av Tid
    SÜnn Av Torden
    Dark Journey
    Provenance Of Cruelty

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