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Sum 41 Machine Gun Lyrics

Last updated: 08/07/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Well I'm up and I don't know why,
But I guess that's all that counts.
Looking 'round as I'm holding my head,
and I'm in somebody's house.

The sun hits like a punch in the face
with a headache I can't ignore.
Seems almost every weekend my bed is someone's floor.

And so I can't keep this up.
I have had enough.

Eating cold pizza on the side of the curb
to cover up my morning breath of gin.
Something doesn't seem to sit with me right
it's going out the way it went in.

And so I can't keep this up.
I have had enough.

'Cause you can count me out, I'm on to you.
'Cause you can count me out, I'm tired of
Leaving my embarrassments behind.

Nanananana nanananananananana,
Nanananana nanananananananana,
Nanananana nanananananananana,
Nanana bleh.

Woaaaaaaaah freak out.

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