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James Taylor Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2009 10:00:00 AM

I'll tell you 'bout Machine Gun Kelly
he rode along the outlaw trail
Machine Gun Kelly was a simple man
But the woman was as hard as hell

Watch out Machine Gun
Don't let her run you 'round
Don't let a woman put you six feet in the ground
Machine Gun

I'll tell you 'bout Katherine Kelly
Tired of being such small time
Figured they'd kidnap a rich man's son
And make it in the world of crime

- Chorus -

You'd better watch out Machine Gun Kelly
Careful of what you do now
If you keep listening to your old lady
Ain't no telling what'll happen to you now
Machine Gun

The government boys they came for Machine Gun
And took the poor boy away
They stuck him in a hole in Leavenworth prison
Where he lived until his dying day

Watch out Machine Gun
Don't let her put you down
Don't let a woman make you out to be a clown
Machine Gun

Watch out Machine Gun

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About Steve's Reply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/09

Steve...get over yourself man. How is not knowing the writer of a song a copyright violation? I guess you think you're supposed to get paid for people putting-up 40 year old lyrics. Now that's what I call lack of common decency. Like you've nevr been wrong about who actaully wrote a song. Are you getting any?

Good song, but give the writer credit | Reviewer: Steve Deasy | 12/8/08

This song is a good song written by Danny Kortchmar and presented very well by James Taylor on his "Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon" album. I am a songwriter myself, so what pisses me off is that people post stuff like this on the internet without giving proper credit to the songwriter in clear violation of copyright laws and common decency.