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Machinae Supremacy Biography

Last updated: 05/20/2004 03:33:35 AM

Machinae Supremacy is a swedish new frontier band with a love for games and game music and that's reflected in their music. The band has existed since the summer of 2000 and has during that time found an original style and sound. The members originate from several distinctly different musical backgrounds and influences from metal, pop, punk rock, electronic and orchestral music to name a few can be found in the variety of material produced so far. The lyrics and the mood of the songs carry a vibe of self-confidence and enlightenment as well as an encouragement for people to take control of their own lives. After all, everybody wants to be a winner, right?


Machinae Supremacy was formed in summer 2000 by Robert, Kahl and Jonne. The name of the band had existed even before this, but it was only a few months later the band really found the path they wanted to go. Gordon, a long time friend of Jonne, joined on keyboards and Tobbe joined on drums. Tobbe was a good sport and helped us out in the beginning even though his heart was somewhere else. When we parted with Tobbe in early 2002, Tomas, old band-pal with Robert, took his place and this is the current setup of the band.

Blind Dog Studios

The songs are produced and recorded at Blind Dog Studios in LuleƄ. Most of the equipment is software based but among some of the hardware used to record is an E-MU Audio Production Studio, M-Audio delta hardware and LineAudio preamps. All the amps are peavey. Misc other hardware available to us: Elektron SidStation, Yamaha CS2x, Yamaha CS6x, Shure, TSM, Behringer FX boxes, Tannoy audio monitors, Phonic mixer.