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"Mac Miller is the next up in Pittsburgh hip hop. He is a teen titan with the grit of Termanology and the commercial appeal of Bow Wow."
- JENESIS Magazine

With the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Boaz, Pittsburgh, PA is finally making noise on the national hip hop scene. However, a legion of talent inside the Steel City is still untapped. 17-year old Mac Miller (born Malcolm McCormick) is prepared to be the next artist to emerge from this heap of emcees and bring Pittsburgh further into hip hop prominence. Influenced by the music of Outkast, Slick Rick, Big L, Nas, Mobb Deep and countless others, Malcolm began rhyming at the age of 9.

Mixing the gritty rhyme styles of the '90s golden era hip hop he loves, with his own unique, new school attitude, Mac has been grinding relentlessly to make his mark on the rap game. After forming the group "The Ill Spoken" with fellow Pittsburgh emcee Beedie, Mac embarked on a career in hip hop. The duo experienced success in the form of appearing on Sirius Radio, releasing the mixtape "How High" with mixtape legends DJ Diggz and Rated R, recording songs with New York rap artist Max B, and performing at numerous shows (including opening up for Soulja Boy).

Now, Mac Miller is stepping out on his own as a solo artist with two missions; putting his city on the map and creating incredible music. Prepping the release of his first official mixtape, entitled "The Jukebox", 'Mac has his sights set on obtaining the title of "Youngest in Charge" within the rap game, saying: "I draw inspiration from everything. Old school rap, new school rap, my city, my peers, my life, anything. I just aim to make a new sound of my own, while sticking to the formula of that classic hip hop music."

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HE'S #1 | Reviewer: nicole :) | 2/8/14

okay mac miller is amazing. he raps like a god. other rappers like lil wayne and drake rap about things nobody can even relate to. But on the other hand mac miller has been inspiring people including me. I have been listing to his music since he started. i love him!

more than a rapper. | Reviewer: Abby Alvarez | 12/9/13

All of you people say the same thing over and over. "Mac's my inspiration" . "He's so perfect." which I agree with 100%. But mac miller is more than just an inspiration to me. Mac miller gave me a reason to keep going in life. I tried to take my life. I couldnt face the harshness of people anymore. The negativity and the hate was over bearing. I remember sitting in my room, crying , wriing my letter to say my goodbyes, when my phone started ringing. 'Live free' started to play. The first thing I heard was " They gon try and tell you no, shatter all your dreams, but you gotta get up and go and think of better things, live free..." . I paused for a minute. ' What am I doing' i thought. I was stronger than that. The words that i heard, those simple words from a white kid rapper from pittsburgh completely saved me. So when people ask me why i love him so much,even though i dont know him, or he doesnt know i excist.. it doesnt matter. because of him, i still do exist. I doesnt matter that i dont know him personally, becasue if u listen to the lyrics of his music and the depth that his lyrics go into, you feel like you know him. I feel like i could spend the rest of my life talking to him about the wonders of the world. so the next time someone wants to tell me that mac miller is just some white kid rapper from that burbs that has no relevance, he saved my life. think about that. He is not only my inspiration, he's my savoir and my hero. Mac miller is my life and i dont care what anyone has to say about that. thank you malcolm for being you and for making me a stronger person. take care & stay strong guys.
god bless.

Mac miller, is my life,. | Reviewer: Sierra steffey | 8/30/13

Mac Miller seriously is my life, I love him, the main reason I wake up every morning is to listen to him every morning and get motivated for my day, #OneOfHisBiggestFansRightHere <3

A true 480 fan. | Reviewer: Tim | 7/22/13

Before I listened to Mac Miller I was listening to other rappers like Lil Wayne, The Game, 50 cent, and other main stream rappers. But everything they rapped about I could never relate to. I am a white kid from the suburbs of Phoenix and I have never dealt drugs or shot at people that these rappers were claiming in their music. Once I started listening to Mac Miller I instantly fell in love with his lyrics, flow, and his overall style. His music I could relate to: partying, girls, growing up, smoking weed, trying to find the meaning of life, family, friends ect. He is truly an inspiration to myself about following your heart and trying to enjoy everyday no matter what hand God has dealt you in life. I will be seeing Mac for my second time in Phoenix on August 9th. I love his new album WMWTSO, its great to see how he has evolved from the first mix tape I listened to (K.I.D.S.). I always try to introduce people to Mac Millers music if they have not listened and I hope you will do the same. Thank you MAC MILLER can't wait to see what music you will make next!

Malcom McCormick | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/7/13

Mac is honestly my inspiration. I've been there from the start of his career. I've noticed how much hes grown with his music. he used to rap about goals, and what he wants to be, and now hes meeting those goals, he obviously still has more that he wants to drop and go down in history but what he is doing is amazing. Hes new album "watching movies with the sound off" is a different style he tried his lyrics are so deep and meaningful, and i respect the fact he did it for a friend he lost and some people dont listen to that but he raps about real shit, and I love that. Mac has always been my favorite rapper and always will be. Do your thing man, your gonna be bigger than you thought. Follow your dream. And im looking forward to see what he has to drop next. I LOVE YOU MAC

mac miller is my boyfriend ok? | Reviewer: mac millers girlfriend | 7/2/13


A True Inspiration | Reviewer: Bailey | 6/23/13

Mac Miller is truly a huge inspiration to me . The first song I heard was Knock Knock and I thought "eh . He's ok" but then one day I decided to listen to some other songs . I fell in love . He changed my life . I can relate to songs . He keeps it real . he doesnt rap about stupid stuff like most rappers . his songs make sense and have an impact on peope . Plus he's pretty good looking . I'm gonna meet this kid one day !

Turned out Hater! | Reviewer: . | 6/2/13

At the start of this year I hated Mac Miller but then my boyfriend made me listen to his whole album and now i think he is a truly inspirational person and all of his words and rhymes are so true! Haters gonna hate but dont judge Mac he is brilliant !<3

a change | Reviewer: daymon teague | 5/5/13

mac miller is very talented. there has been talk not only around my town but all over the world about him changing in his style from KIDS to Macadelic. many say its because of the drugs he decides to use..well to me macadelic is his best yet. I say so because I can relate 100 percent with his words, the feelings he expresses, and even the beat alone. his lyrics create multiple images and scenarios one can go through on a regular basis. I feel he understands the concept of creating music and for that one love.

The dopest | Reviewer: daisy gomez | 3/20/13

mac miller is honestly the best rapper ever. i started to listen to his music when i was in 7th grade , now i'm in 9th. his songs are more than rhymes and beats, i feel like he really connects to everyone that listens to his musc. i love macadelic although his songs are not as upbeat as the ones that were in K.I.D.S or the high life, his music has taken a sharp serious turn. i like it personally. cant wait for the realease of "watching movies with the sound off" it sounds like its going to be another hit!

Mac miller | Reviewer: Chelsie rodriguez | 2/16/13

I like all of his songs. He is cute. But he is a good rapper. He should put future on one of his songs. Like he can put future and tlyer the creator on on of his tracks. But mac miller is a good rapper. I like all of his songs.

Mac Miller | Reviewer: Unknown | 11/30/12

Mac Miller is one of the best rappers that our generation has, and he's gone through a lot in his life just like everyone else. That's why so many people connect to him and his music.

Mac Miller | Reviewer: Zac | 2/16/12

lol its funny how every1 is a girl and they are saying that they love him so much i think hes dope and got good beats and rhythms and songs but i dont love him or maybe i do no homo though

Mac Miller Love | Reviewer: MacMillerLover | 1/20/12

I Love Mac Miller. He is very talented. I have a friend that said he hated Mac Miller and one day I made him listen to Frick Park Market. And now he listens to it all the time now.! Mac Miller inspires me. He don't have one sog i don't like. They are all so amazing.<3
One day I hope to meet him in person<3

17/11/11 | Reviewer: Emma | 11/16/11

i just love Mac Miller, hes the best rapper ever just wish one day hed notice me on twitter im his biggest irish fan in the world! HIS SHITS DOPE. blue slide park is out of this world, id do anything too meet him! most dope , thumps up my slide stays blue much love <3. Emma xx

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