MDC Lyrics

Who MDC is, where they are today and how they got there. -
by Jake Beamer / revised by MDC

(please refer to Gig List since 1979 for additional info)

Dave Dictor, the only consistent member and the force that
has held MDC in all it's incarnations together, presently
lives in Portland Oregon, as does AlSchvitz. So MDC
currently bases itself in Portland though the other two
members, Ron and Mikey live abroad in Venezuela and Holland
respectively. The four present members are the original
four from a quarter of a century ago and More...

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Review about MDC songs
mmmmm.... | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Sexy And Christian performed by MDC

Though it's good she remained a virgin until marriage, I must admit I fantasize about women like her & wonder how far she actually went before marriage.
Could visualize a "good Christian girl" getting naked with the man she dates, holding him close, rubbing his penis & enjoying all the delights of "everything.... but" that many sweet Christian girls engage in before marriage, including oral where she gets to truly taste her boyfriend...

Such a girl let her pagan boyfriend view her virgin vagina in all its beauty & let him give her oral & allowing her to experience all the new sensations his tongue gives her...
She also didn't object when he rubbed his penis up against her labia lips & admitted she enjoyed it when he ejaculated, thrusting his ejaculate all over her tummy with some landing perilously close to her virgin Christian vagina...

Imagine all the new "activity" loosens some of her inhibitions and as he tries to move his member into her, like any man, Christian or not, would want to do, she doesn't try to block or stop him like she did earlier with other guys....

As he moves into her & bursts her Christian hymen, the nonbeliever gets to view the good Christian girl's "innocent" look on her face as he slowly moves it in & carnally thrusts his spermy pagan juices deep into her innocent Christian vagina, which she has completely surrendered to him, allowing this pagan to be the first to experience her Christian love instead of the Christian man she later marries.....

Nasty song | Reviewer: FatCapitalistPig
    ------ About the song Corporate Deathburger performed by MDC

These lyrics are so horrible, this music is horrible... i prefer something nice like Bon jovi... like Madonna too... I think with nice love song lyrics and less fuzz in the music, we can sell this and call it.... Pop Punk. Yea, and i'll make a boy band with it called blink 182.... yes yes, and greenday, then start emo bands ! oh the possibilities of this new commodity are endless!

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