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In the Beginning
Ronnie van Zant was the oldest of 3 and hailed from the
tough west side of Jacksonville, Florida, in an area where
fighting was a normal pastime. He first started singing in
a Gospel Church Women's Choir, but there was another type
of music that Ronnie Van Zant wanted. One he pieced
together from various musical influences in his life:
Shorty Medlocke (Father of Rick Medlocke of the band
Blackfoot) was a former sharecropper who played a scrappy
style of "Swamp Music" that Ronnie Van Zant became familiar

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Review about Lynyrd Skynyrd songs
Simple Life Memories | Reviewer: Gail Key
    ------ About the song Simple Life performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

The words are so meaningful, they remind me of growing up in a small town, where we did all these things. Now my little town has grown up to be the world center of Walmart and it's nothing like what it used to be. Oh, what I'd give for the Simple Life again!!

Love It! 4 stars! | Reviewer: Julie Matthews
    ------ About the song Last Of A Dying Breed performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I give the album 4 stars! I wish they would put more songs into their live shows rather than just "Last of a Dying Breed". I think the audience would be very receptive. It is one of their best albums, past and present.

AGAIN THE GOOD DIE YOUNG by Robin J.Zackery | Reviewer: Robin J. Zackery
    ------ About the song Sweet Home Alabama performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skunyrd was a top band when I lived in Tennessee in the 1970's. I remember they played live at the giant downtown Nashville Stadium, as did ZZ Top that year.They were true rock stars that could have had many years of success. The song. "Dead or Alive" screamed across the charts and band had real "lookers", hip and handsome.

Sadly, due to a plane crash, they left us right after their album took off. They were the kind of guys who made a huge impression on true Southern American Rock/Country enthusiasts.

When their lives were taken with their new carreers, the nightmere reignighted, once again, another great loss to the music business and music lovers throughout the world. Will we ever be able to expect great talents to live long lives, or will we always be plagued by the early deaths of so many music legends? .

One of my favorite songs and it will never be faded away | Reviewer: Mikey Ramone
    ------ About the song Comin' Home performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I fell in love with Skynyrd since October 14, 2009 and loved "Sweet Home Alabama" quickly right away by watching "Con Air" movie in StarMovies at that time, in which the song was used as a soundtrack. Long live Skynyrd!

Capitalist song | Reviewer: Chris397
    ------ About the song Cry For The Bad Man performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

I love this song. It about everyone who has ever broken theirown opinion views to try to make a extra buck knowing they don't need it but want it. Also it's for everyone who's had to deal with someone like that who's caused damage to their life.

in love | Reviewer: VISHESH
    ------ About the song Freebird performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

m in love with his song
its just a song which takes u from being sad to dancing a song which tells u dat no matter what life goes on n on n it does brings u joy like this in the end
love this song
sure going to get a galfrnd who loves this song or rejected ;)

mama | Reviewer: andrea putz
    ------ About the song Mama (Afraid To Say Goodbye) performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

it is wonderful, i am having trouble with my mother and before i die or she on her own time has to forgive me for my past i would love it if anybody from lynyrd skynyrd staff can send me some memorabilia to andrea putz 611 south avenue apt seven wilkinsburg pa 15221. this is one of the songs i would love to sing to my mama who's nickname is kook, short for koo koo because back in the day and the day i was born she got her hair done, im fourty five, so you figure nine months im smelling that hairspray and then when i decide i am to the meet the world get a good whiff of her toxic hairspray, when i was little my parents were asked where did you get andrea coz i was so bad and moody wellllll the hairspray im going with and its in the genes my dad's dad was not really nice and he was ukranian and now that i am fourty five going through my changes and yes pregnant too and it hasn't been confirmed if i may have a little cancer but can lynryd skynryd do this for me. also i am going through identity theft for the past three years as to date it is now an operation that i am personally conducting and investigating the fraud at the past three to four establishments i stayed at while i wait for housing, i am pooped and i want to have a pizza and my parents can drink beer but i hope my life story can be an inspiration for families, young girls, young people with criminal records and that are on drugs, i just want to help that is my high so thank you lynryd skynyrd and how about coming to the consul energy center in pgh pa a part of the proceeds go to the places i stayed as so not another woman would have to enjure what i went through but God had me be His Angel to speak up about the immoral practices these corporations are getting away with but not on my watch signing out investigative inspector andrea putz aka miss mental health universe thank you

Lyrics... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One Day At A Time performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Did a deaf person write these? Seriously?

The chorus is as follows...

One day at a time smell the roses taste the wine
one day at a time no stop signs or red lights
that wheel keeps turning on and on, day and night
no one survives ain't no use in crying
what aint dead is surely dying one day at a time

Which as I'm sure you can imagine, makes a lot more sense...

right to bear arms | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Saturday Night Special performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

what an outdated and overused excuse for idiots to own you Americans really think you would be any less safe if hand guns were banned.c'mon you're not that stupid are you. Ronnie was right dump them in the sea.we don't own hand guns in Canada and I live a safer life than worry some fool gonna shoot me when he's drunk or stoned or trying to rob me.Americans killing Americans is American as apple pie and Sunday football.

Seems pretty clear, why so defensive? | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Saturday Night Special performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd

This isn't anti-gun, this is anti-handgun. This is about the fact that there are bad people and the weapon of choice is the hand gun. While this statement might be disagreeable to some, to argue what the song means is kinda thick headed.

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