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Close your eyes and imagine a world filled with so many
contradictions that its damn near impossible to tell left
from right, up from down and right from wrong. Picture a
culture at war with itself, where the best of what it has
to offer struggles to see the light of day, where style
almost always trumps substance, where people eek out an
existence based on their ability to blend in with an
insanity that has come to represent the status quo. imagine a voice in the midst of that wilderness,
in tune yet different from More...

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Error Correction | Reviewer: EvanFabiano
    ------ About the song Audubon Ballroom performed by Lupe Fiasco

*Church won't pull him out the pin like a grenade

Judge won't pull him out the pen like a grenade


*Now they crafted out my dream underneath a tap floor

Loudly crafted out my dream underneath a tap floor

Metalhead with foot in mouth | Reviewer: Lizard King
    ------ About the song The Show Goes On performed by Lupe Fiasco

Im a hardcore rocker/metalhead but i wont deny man thats a pretty fuckin deep song it really speaks to me mainly cuz i been through a rough life and know what its like growin up in the ghetto and all ur life ur being held back. even if you hate hip hop or rap u really need to check this song out this is pretty fucking sick.

Sick | Reviewer: manny
    ------ About the song Dumb It Down performed by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe is true genius, Music today brings confusion no educational meaning or thought in it at all. I personally love all types of music but realness like this doesn't come around like they should. Illuminati or whatever crap people talk about going on i careless about, cause if your smart they cant dumb you down Its all a load of crap In god i trust with good Music Lupe and to the realness behind him!!! Out

right hand is an idiot | Reviewer: Ace
    ------ About the song The Coolest performed by Lupe Fiasco

You're an idiot right hand, did you listen to the album at all? The song is from the perspective Michael Young History aka The Cool from his zombie existence in F&L to his story and ultimately his death in The Cool. Try to stop talking out your ass

what's happening? | Reviewer: zid
    ------ About the song Streets On Fire performed by Lupe Fiasco

i used to feel sing365 had the best and complete lyrics but now when i check 'em out, they have missing lines like other lyrics site. the last time i checked this lyrics mathew santos part ws in it. where it said-tonight...the stars are alligned...

Luciferian | Reviewer: right hand
    ------ About the song The Coolest performed by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe is on league with Jay, 'Ye and all the other Blasphemers and purveyors of wickedness. Just read these lyrics he sold his sold for the glitter and gold."I love the lord, but sometimes it's like that I love me more.."

this go hard | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Cool performed by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe is a beast. Its crazy how insane his lyrics and storytellin is. "Put it to his head and said 'you scared, aint ya' he said 'hustla for death, no heaven for a gansta'" possibly the illest ending I've ever heard to a song....

Holy $H!T. | Reviewer: Kellie
    ------ About the song Dumb It Down performed by Lupe Fiasco

that was what i was saying when i first heard this song. i mean, i'm usually into death cab for cutie, the strokes, modest mouse, the beatles, etc. and i totally believed that hip-hop was dead. but my boyfriend, who's a DJ (and a huge (mostly) old school hip-hop freak) made me listen to this song and i was like WHOA MAYNE.

i mean, i hear lil wayne, T.I., and all those other crap "hip-hop" and/or "rap" artists on the radio. and i thought that lupe was going to be the same, but...i was wrong.

these lyrics are so deep. basically, lupe's talking about how everyone does songs on drugs, sex, and violence, and how he chooses to go his own way and refuses to 'dumb it down' for the others, risking his popularity (GQ man of the year, G?/Dumb it down) and fame to do so, because he really believes strongly in not marketing that trash for society. which is downright amazing. i'm sure that there are other great artists for hip-hop, but i must say that he is the best so far.

after this song, i also listened to "Paris, Tokyo", "Superstar", and "Kick,Push" (which was on his first album, Food & Liquor). They are all great songs and I am definitely going to listen to more, possible steal the album from my boyfriend ;D

lupe, you are AMAZING! you restored my faith in the allegedly dead "hip-hop".

I think I felt a tear | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Streets On Fire performed by Lupe Fiasco

Wasalu Muhammad Jaco;Lupe Fiasco, has got to be one of the most brilliant emcee to ever touch a microphone. This whole song was inspired by George Orwells "1984",where George Orwell is predicting the future and how the world would be in the year of 1984,and i think Lupe depicted that perfectly.

REAL HIP HOp | Reviewer: elijah watkins
    ------ About the song Streets On Fire performed by Lupe Fiasco

people think music out here is hip hop its jus rap. and i like rap i just like hip hop better. and he is not just talking about h.i.v he is talking about the streets go on his page and look at her character

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