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A Perfect Circle Lullaby Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2011 11:00:00 AM

Go back to sleep...
Go back to sleep (whispered)

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Great song | Reviewer: LadyLadington | 9/23/11

This song IS very haunting, but its so haunting IM afraid to listen to it at night LOL. (nothing hardly scares me anyway)... but I think this song should have been used in The Lovely Bones, the part after Susie dies and she goes into Mr. Harvey's house... i think it would have just fit well

very haunting... who sings the little humming part? o: | Reviewer: randi | 11/20/10

title says all.
I love this song. My sister showed it to me, and said his 8 year old son does... his only son I could find is 15 named Devo... but Im confused..
This song is so haunting it's scary, y'know?
That voice is so eerily cute.. o_____o

Haunting... | Reviewer: Falina | 5/25/08

A very interesting song, just as the rest of A Perfect Circle's music.
This 'lullaby' is almost haunting in a way, and reminds me of the dreamlike way the movie "Mirrormask" was done.

Short, but wonderful.